Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All 3 boo's

All 3 boo's really do love hanging out together...from doing art to eating ice cream!  3 x the love!

Brotherly love

Conall and Galvan are bursting with brotherly love lately...and we can't get enough of it!

Famous American Speech

Last month Declan spent time researching and writing a speech for school.  He chose Wild Bill Hickok (James Butler Hickok) as his famous American.  After a few rough drafts he had a wonderful speech prepared to give to parents, students and staff.  The 2nd grade classes created a museum of famous Americans.  It was so much fun to see him give his speech to so many people and to see him dressed up!  Here's a peek into it...

2 less teeth

February 2 and 13 were pretty specials days here...Declan lost his two front teeth!  One he lost at school, a friend told him if he twisted his tooth it would fall out and the second one came out while eating goldfish at home! 


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our Christmas

 Merry Christmas! 
 After Christmas Eve mass we had dinner a wonderful dinner with my parents:)  The boys put out cookies, milk and carrots before heading to bed!
 Santa gave the boys a wonderful Christmas!  The boys were so excited to come downstairs and see what he had left for them.  From a bike, skateboard and scooter to socks and undies the boys loved it all!

2015 Wrap Up...December

 We started off the Christmas season with cookies!  The dough was way better than the baked cookies:)
Declan had an his first reconciliation!  The three of us went out to dinner at PF Changs before heading to Christ the King to celebrate him and his classmates.  We are so proud!
 The boys helped decorate our Christmas tree!

 Declan and Conall had their Christmas program at school.  Here's Galvan and his buddy Luke during the performances:)

                           Here's Conall!
                                                              Here's Declan (2nd row in stripes)!
 Galvan and Conall made a bed for baby Jesus (baby David played that role!).
 We headed downtown to mail their letters to Santa and see the lights.

 All the boys had Christmas parties at their schools...lots of crafts, games, treats and a book exchange for Galvan!

We were able to celebrate Christmas with both the O'Rourke and Butler families!

2015 Wrap Up...November

My dear husband jumped on the blog today and was bit sad that it hadn't been updated in quite a long time, so since it's a new year I thought I'd just make a wrap up of 2015.  Here goes...
 Galvan enjoyed putting food out on the patio for the squirrels to come eat (this is why we have a squirrel that tries to get in our house!).  Declan and Conall played basketball at Bishop Chatard.  Both did an awesome job!  Galvan had a friendship ceremony at school.  It was so sweet to see the kids trade beaded necklaces that they had made.