Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween Parties

The boo's all had Halloween parties at school last week and I was able to get a few pictures while visiting their classrooms...Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

Finally a Halloween that wasn't wet, freezing rain, thundering and lightening or miserable!  It must have been a spell that our own Harry Potter had cast, but of course our Navy Seal could have handled it and if not our Fireman would have stepped in any kind of emergency!
The boys are like old pros at the "trick or treat" and "thank you's", but this year after every, and I mean every, house Galvan would pull out the treat and show us what he got..."Look at this one!", so funny!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Go Irish! Beat Trojans!

 BC and I made the trip up to Notre Dame for the USC game.  It was a beautiful day and a chilly night for a great win!  We had so much fun tailgating with friends, walking around campus and cheering on the Irish!