Monday, August 30, 2010

Jump and kick!

At the pool:)

Yesterday afternoon we took the boys to the pool! Declan is doing so great in the water and he is finally going down the slide! Conall mostly sleeps, eats and sits with us at the pool:) Here's a little look at our day...

Monday, August 23, 2010



Conall found himself in his mirror the other day:) He's started smiling so much more and his little coo's are just too cute!

At G/G Butler's

Here's a few pictures from the couple of days the little guys and I spent up at my parents last week. Thanks to Uncle Rob for bringing up the tricycle and push bike for Declan:) Love that Conall is showing us his smile!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 months (aug 17)

Our little Conall D is 2 months old! He had his check up on Friday and we're happy to report that he is doing awesome! He weighed in at 11 lbs 14 oz (he's a great eater) and is 22 inches tall! He's still a great sleeper and his fussy time at night is getting better (thanks in part to his swing, which he loves). He's started to give us some little smiles and coos:) We can't believe he's been a little brother for 2 months, he just fits with us perfectly! Love you boo 2! And yes, he looks just like Declan!! (Conall is on the left)

2 years + 2 months (aug 16)

Oh, Declan are just too much for us sometimes! He has been cracking us up lately, some of our favorite things he's doing right now are saying "I don't see" when I try to point out something, "do this mama", which normally involves making some weird noise, and "come on dada, come on mama", I think he mentions something about a mustache almost everyday, giving his little brother kisses and saying "hi little brother", "I right here Conall", and "oh, he going to cry"! We never thought we'd have to tell our kids to stop shoveling broccoli in their mouths, but we do with him! On average he'll eat at least 3 different fruits a day and still loves his waffles, but has added scrambled eggs to the mix, and hard boiled eggs too! And you should see him color! He's doing an awesome job and loves stickers too:) He's starting to sing songs, which is so funny...the boy repeats everything! We love you Boo!

Catching up with the boys...

I haven't posted new pics in awhile, so here's a few from the past couple of weeks. A couple from the pool and a few of us hanging out at home (on the days it's too hot to go to the pool!).


Saturday, August 7, 2010

So Declan loves to move things...doesn't matter what it is, he loves to take things and fill up a laundry basket or bucket or box and then move it all some place else! Remember when he took all of BC's socks out of his drawer and put them by the toilet?! Well here's a few pics of some of the stuff he likes to move to other places!

Aunt Abby

Last Monday one of best friends, Abby, came down for a visit and to meet Conall. She was home visiting from Florida and I'm so happy we were able to really catch up! Declan was very excited that Aunt Abby was coming and even asked me today where Aunt Abby was:) She had fun playing with the boys and we even managed to have a nice little lunch downtown. Thanks for the visit Aunt Abby, we love you!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Last Saturday Uncle Joe and Aunt Barb had us over for cookout and to spend some more time with BC's cousin's Jon, Leo, Emily, Megan, Rick and Bob (and their significant others Lindsey, Tiffany and Jimmy), uncle Seamus was there too! Declan always has an awesome time with his Uncle Jon and Uncle Rick:) Conall enjoyed some time with Emily and Jon too!

Conall D

Here's a little picture of Conall D, who with grandpa Butler's help, found his thumb! He's up to 11 lbs 2 oz now:)

Uncle Kienan's Wedding

This past weekend we helped celebrate Uncle Kienan and new Aunt Emily's wedding! BC and I were both in the wedding party and Declan was ring bearer! He loved being dressed in his tuxedo like his dad and did a great job walking down the aisle (a big thank you to Uncle Joe and Uncle Jon for keeping him busy during the ceremony). He got a cool new back pack with sunglasses, which he wore during the reception:) And a huge thank you to g/g Butler for watching Conall all weekend, we couldn't have done without you! Congratulations Kienan and Emily!