Sunday, September 30, 2012

2 months

Galvan is two months old!  Yesterday he hit 8 weeks!
 He's had a busy month of soccer practice/games, walks on the Monon, trips to the park and museum, a football game and lots of eating and sleeping!!  He's loves to find his fingers and has started to give us some awesome smiles and coos!  His 2 month appointment is tomorrow morning and we can't wait to see how much he's grown!  We love new boo!

Friday, September 28, 2012

15 oz of baby powder....

looks like this when it's not in the bottle. 
As I said in an earlier post, Conall doesn't seem to hear me say "lay down and take a nap", yesterday he must have heard me say "get out the baby powder and make the most unbelievable mess you can in your room...and don't forget to add a little bottom paste in the mix too"!!  I really have no more words for's okay to laugh, I did:)
 At least he was reading during all of this:)
 This is Declan's bed, it got the worst of it!
 Any ideas on how to get the powder out of those little grooves?
Right now he's taking a nap, I think.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy birthday Dad!

Happy birthday papa!  Yesterday BC turned a year older:)  We surprised him at work and brought him cake and green frosting!  He was super surprised to see us and really happy about the cupcakes as were his coworkers.
 Declan dug in and had two:)
 Really?  How can you be grumpy when there's a cupcake in front of you?
 The boys were excited to give dad the gifts they picked out for him (we went to the dollar store and they picked out whatever they thought he'd like...highlighters, oatmeal creme pies, car fresheners)!!
 BC and I went to Harry and Izzy's for his birthday dinner, the poor guy rarely gets steak at home! 
 After we got home we sang Happy Birthday and with the help of the boys he blew out the candles on his rice krispy treats:)

go colts!

Dad and Declan headed downtown to Lucas Oil Stadium to cheer on the Colts last weekend (thank you gram and grandad for the tickets)!  From what I hear Declan had an amazing time...he loved the confetti that fell when they scored, the chicken strips he had for lunch and being able to yell as loud as he could!  So glad the two big guys could have an awesome day watching football:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

go saints!

Last Friday night we went to cheer on Bishop Dwenger (BC went to high school there) as they played Cathedral at the University of Indianapolis.  Despite our support the Irish ran all over the Saints!  But our boys had a ton of fun! 

 Here's Declan with Toughie the Saint...we liked watching the cheerleaders too!
 Running around on the track was a lot of fun for them too.
"Go Saints!",  Conall says:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4 yrs + 3 months, 2 yrs + 3 months

Well our two biggest boo's just keep on growing!  Here they are "looking" at the coins in their banks...they LOVE to get coins to put in:)  Dad has taught them to always pick the big, silver ones!
Declan has had a big month...he started back to school, which he loves so much, and is in a new soccer league, which he is also really enjoying.  School is three days a week and soccer is two days a week, he's busy, but really likes having things to put on his calendar. 
Conall is enjoying time (at least I think) with Galvan and me while Declan is at school.  We've been taking walks, going to the park and to the library.  He's been taking advantage of napping on his own...I tell him he needs to stay in his room and close his eyes...he hears "throw all of Declan's stuff off his bed, play with trucks and don't close your eyes"! 
We love these two big brothers so, so much!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Our Declan B is playing soccer again!
 He has practice once a week and games on Saturday.  His team is the Lightning can guess what color his uniform is:)  He picked number 8 this time and we think 8 is great! 
 Here's his coach helping him to learn all about being a goalie!  He was really proud about it!

 Here's some pictures from his first game...a throw in and some good boots.  He even played goalie!! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 Today was Declan's first day of 4/5's Preschool!  (Yesterday was actually the first day, but he's had a little bug, so we kept him home).  He's at the same school, but now that he's four he is in Mrs. Conards class...he's been talking about her class all summer!  He's in with all of his buddies from last year and a few new ones too.  We are all looking forward to a wonderful school year!
 Here's his name on the sidewalk where we go in...the sun is in his eyes, he's not grumpy!
 He couldn't wait to put his name clip up!
 That's his teacher with the bears on her back, he picked an orange one off.
(Yes, I took this without him knowing that I was peeking in, I can because I'm his mama)  Writing his name on the dry erase board:)