Friday, February 21, 2014

Declan's morning at mass

This past Wednesday Declan and his class helped the third grade out in mass!  Declan's role was to help with the intentions, he raised his arm for the response as he said "Let us pray to the Lord"!  He did a great job:)  After mass his class and the third grade class sang a special song for everyone! It was a wonderful morning watching him participate and be part of school mass.


catching up

Here's what's been going on the past few weeks...
 Declan celebrated the 100th day of Kindergarten and he made a string of 100 fruit loops to prove it!
 Galvan has just been up to mischief, but is super happy about it!
 Conall had a party in the play room, he got out all of the apps for it!
He even made wheat thin and gold fish sandwiches:)
On the last day of Catholic Schools Week the boys and I joined Declan for lunch!
We all had pretzels from our favorite pretzel shop of course!