Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank you Shutterfly!

How awesome is Shutterfly?!  I'll tell you, super awesome!  We have made Christmas calendars for the grandparents for the past two years as gifts (and of course we're making more this year) and they love them!  Last year we used the calendar as a tricky way of announcing we were pregnant with number 2!  We also love to make birthday invitations for birthday parties:)  They are so easy to make and are really cute keepsakes!  We have already started searching for the perfect holiday card to send out, but there are so many to pick from!  We love that you can pick 1, 2, 3 or more pictures to put on your card (it's always so hard to choose the best pictures)!  We love all of the different styles to pick from and the colors are awesome.  I love the top ten card, but how do we pick the number one?!  One more reason Shutterfly is so awesome is that they are giving out 50 free holiday cards!  All you need to do is blog about it!  Thank you, thank you Shutterfly!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Go Chargers!

So I'm not a huge Chargers fan, I liked them best when Ladainian Tomlinson was there, but I like them even more now that we met Philip Rivers!  He was at the football game yesterday (Bishop Dwenger vs Cathedral) and we walked passed him on our way in and when we were finding our seats...BC knew who he was right away.  He ended up sitting not far from us so we wandered over and I told him that I had two future quarter backs that wanted their picture with him:)  He was very friendly and nice.  After the picture I told him that my husband had him on his fantasy football team so he better play well! 

Turkey Day

We had a happy Thanksgiving at the Butler's this year and hope you all had a happy thankful day too!  It was great to see my brothers and sister and all of our nieces and nephews.  We drove up Thursday morning and Declan got to work helping grandma make pumpkin pie!
 Here's what grandpa and BC did most of the football!
 And Conall D enjoyed some football too!
 With cousin Kiana:)
 Conall still looks big even with big uncle Rob!
 Playing with Delaney, Kiana and Dalton:)  He had so much fun with everyone!
 He loved Jake's old firetruck!

Monday, November 22, 2010

CDO's Baptism

Yesterday we celebrated Conall's baptism!  It was a lovely baptism at Christ the King with almost all our family there.  Both of BC's grand parents (great grandparents to the boo's) were able to come down for this special day:)  Conall wore the O'Rourke baptismal gown, as did Declan and BC when they were baptized.  It's been in the family for nearly one hundred years.  Conall's godparents are Uncle Andy (one of BC's brothers) and Sarah Weber (a cousin of BC's), thank you both!  Everyone headed back to our house for a fabulous taco bar (a huge thank you to my sister for getting everything ready, it was awesome), cake and  celebration!   Thank you all for making this day so wonderful!

Conall's cake...thank you pop pop for designing the middle:)

The O'Rourke cousins...Conall (5 months), Kylie (7), Erin (2 1/2), Declan (2), Emmie (4) and Caitlin (7 1/2 months).  Don't our boys look thrilled?!

the dentist:(

"I don't like the dentist" pretty much sums up how Declan's dentist appointment went last week!  We practiced opening up wide and counting teeth at home to get him ready and he actually let the dentist do it.  He did not let her clean his teeth or look at them again once he closed his mouth!  As we left the dentist he quietly, but in a don't take me back there again voice stated "I don't like the dentist"! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 months

Oh my 2 is five months old today!  He is such a happy, yet quite serious little guy.  He's super curious, always has to be facing out so he can see what's going on.  He's almost sitting up by himself, if you balance him just right he can sit for awhile:)  Love to stand, with help of course or in the exersaucer (he loves that thing!).  Conall's taking 2-3 naps a day and normally gets at least one 5-6 hour stretch at night.  Just like Declan, he's a good eater!  What are we going to do when he starts eating solids and then moves on to eating everything in the house like Dec?!  I'll have to get a job just for our grocery bill!  He loves his big brother so much, it's so awesome to see how excited he gets when Declan plays with him or when he wakes up from a nap:)  He still can't seem to keep his thumb in his mouth to help soothe him, we so wish he would...he's super loud!  The one thing he does not like...his car seat and riding in the car!  Ahh, it's crazy, as soon as you put him in he gets fussy and I've even had to ride on the console in the back seat to help calm him down!  I think it's about time for the big car seat, he's heavy in the carrier anyways:)  He's a strong little guy and I have a feeling he'll be crawling around soon and then it's going to be chaos in the house!  We love, love, love you boo 2!  (Conall is on the left)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 years + 5 months

Oh Declan B!  What an awesome little guy you are:)  Our boo is currently in the "I do it", "I don't like (fill in the blank)", "Oh I like (fill in the blank)", "Who is this from?" (great nap staller...he asked me where everything in his room came from, including the door), "Mickey Mouse please" (his favorite show, he can't get enough of it) stage!  We have now added another book to our nightly read...Pete the Cat, I love my white's an awesome book!  He's still an awesome eater, he'd be happy with pasta with parmesan, broccoli and chicken every night for dinner and a turkey sandwich for lunch (of course with at least one banana and waffles too)!  His new favorite song is "I love trash" from the Sesame Street cd:)  He pretty much gallops or hops everywhere he goes, which lets us know just how happy he is!  He loves when the mailman comes, he told him he had a good hat the other day!  And he just loves Conall, he can make him laugh just by saying boo to him:)  His imagination is awesome, he pretends to make us food and drive around the cute to watch!  Declan loves going to school, he knows that he goes on Tuesdays and really likes his teachers Miss Patty and Miss Chrissy.  His friends are Jake, Conner, Griffin and Norah (that's what he tells us) and he shouts "hooray" when we pull in or drive past his school!  We love, love, love you boo:)  And aren't those bone jammies awesome?!  He's like Johnny from Karate Kid, only really sweet!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dads day off:)

Dad had the day off yesterday so we all went to the museum!  He and Declan attempted the Dinosaur Dig, but some big kids came in and our little kid decided it was time to call it quits:)

 Here they are looking underground up at the big dinosaur, well the bottom part of them!
 And here's the top part of them!
 Little Conall D just hanging out and munching on his fingers:)
 Declan was hard at work at the sand table...good scoop buddy!

 Tea time with Dad and the bears in the mirror maze:) 
 Rocks!  I think the ScienceWorks is Dec's favorite place:)
 Checking out the water clock with dad!
And of course the carousel!  Dad didn't know that you're supposed to be three to go on the up and down horses, but don't tell Declan because he loved it!  He rode it twice!  After the museum we hit up the pretzel shop...we LOVE that place:)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We had a surprise in our mail box today...Auntie Susie (one of best friends from LA) had sent us a package!  Inside were two little green shirts that read...I'm so cute I must be Irish!  Thanks Auntie Susie:)


Our little boo 2 is really starting to chunk out!  He loves grabbing toes during diaper changes, which is quite frequent since he eats so much!  But that's fine by us, it makes for one happy guy:)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Cat In The Hat!

This morning we met Mary at the library so we could meet The Cat In The Hat!  They both liked giving him "fives", but Declan did not want to stand near him for a picture!  He called him the big cat in the hat:) 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween:)

Sunday evening we made our 3rd annual trip down to Lockerbie to go trick or treating!  This year we took Fireman Declan and Little Bear Conall:) 
 We stopped at Subway for a quick bite to eat...Declan only wanted to eat Doritos and he ate them with his shades on!  Conall was content just chillin' with his toys:)

 Here's dad and Dec heading to the first house of the night!
 Leaving with some candy in the bucket!
 Grrr!  Says the little bear:)  He only lasted in the stroller for a short while before I had to moby him up!
 And he decided to hibernate since it was cold out:)
 Look at all that candy!  It was so full and heavy, but he would not let dad carry it or put it down!
 We told him before we left that he was not to pick an Almond Joy's...guess what he picked!  Come on, no one likes Almond Joy's!
It was great Halloween evening with the two boys and we now have way too much candy!  Dad needs to hurry up and eat it!