Wednesday, May 22, 2013

T ball 2013

 Way to go Declan!  What an awesome season of t ball:)
He did a great job batting, throwing, running and fielding balls!  We're so proud of him:) 
And I think he's super proud of his medal!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

4 yrs + 11 months and 2 yrs + 11 months

Yikes!  Declan and Conall are only one month away from turning 5 and 3!
Here's our guys watching the birds (and drawing them too) and stomping around in our garden (which I need to plant badly, mostly so they will stop digging in it). 
 Oh Declan, our future astronaut!  He's been so busy with school and t ball.  He loves both and we enjoy watching him learn, grow and develop.  Riding his bike with dad and Conall is one of his favorite things to do after dinner.  He's such a witty little guy, sometimes it gets him in trouble, but at the end of the day we love talking about the things he says and does:)  We love you boo and hope this month doesn't go by too fast, we're not ready for a 5 year old!

Ahh, Conall D, this picture pretty much sums it up!  He too loves school...loves packing his lunch and getting his tote bag ready, playing outside and having lunch and showing us his art projects.  If he could spend all day outside he would, the other day he ate breakfast outside by himself!  He no longer wears a diaper at night, only his Batman undies (thank you Yaya and Pop pop!).  He's a loving little guy, but his curious ways get the best of him...last night as he was washing his hands he also washed his legs!  We can't believe you're going to be 3...we love you boo 2!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mama's Day

 What an awesome, wonderful, fun and lovely mother's day!  My guys let me sleep in (well kind of, Galvan woke up at 6:45 am with a poopy, but after I changed him I got to go back to sleep) and made me breakfast in bed!  They gave me some Twizzlers and a funny card....for the mom who drives us everywhere, from the ones who drive you crazy!  They had to give me a kiss before I shared one with them:)  After mass we went to paint pottery (we did this my first mother's day and I was so happy to do it again) in Broad Ripple.  Then we headed home and Conall and Galvan had both fallen asleep, so I got to take a nap too!  That might have been the best part of the day:)  We hit up Scotty's downtown for dinner and watched Wreck It Ralph when we got home.  Thanks to my awesome dudes for making the day so special:)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Rookie Run

Yesterday we headed downtown for the Rookie Run!  This year both the big guys were racing...I fudged Conall's birthday by a month so he could run:)  Conall's age group was up first and he was quite hesitant about the whole thing, lots of kids and people, but thanks to dad he made it across the finish line!  He was quite proud to have a medal and a water at the end:) 
Declan was a different story, as this was his second year, he knew just what to do and he did it!  He was the first to cross the finish line in his heat:)  I think it was the headband that made him run so fast!  After the medals we walked around the festival for awhile.  Declan stood in a long line to try the rock wall, Conall too, but he was a bit too small.  We're so proud of our guys!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Tea

 This morning I was invited to Mother's Tea with Declan at his school:) 
He came out to the hallway to get me and to show me to our seats.  Our table was decorated so nicely and had gifts waiting for me!  One of which was the beautiful hat he had made for me:)  He was even sporting a really nice tie that he had made!
He also had made a button bracelet, a hand print for our yard and a jellybean jar.
Water and milk was served along with fruit and cake pops!  The kids all lined up to sing us songs and his teacher read a book to us too.  It was a lovely time and I just can't get over how handsome our little guy is and that he is growing up to be such a gentleman!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

one busy weekend!

This last weekend was a full one! 
Saturday morning BC ran the Indy Mini again (his fourth year), he had a great time of 1:44:47 and the boys had a lot of fun going down to meet him after his finish:)  Then the boys and I were off to Declan's tball game.  He had two awesome hits and fielded a ground ball to first base like a champ!  After a quick stop at the pretzel shop we were home in time to say goodbye to dad as he left for Nashville, TN for his cousins wedding.  Ya ya and Pop pop came down Saturday night and we all met up for a wonderful breakfast at Good Morning Mama's:)  Later that day we went to the boys' school for their Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser!  It was a wild time as the boys were running around with their buddies and our WeeBugger book was being sold:)  Dad got home right before we did and it was an early bedtime for us all! 
 Oh, and Galvan started crawling!