Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy halloween!

 Happy Halloween from Fireman Declan and Train Conductor Conall!  We had a boo-tiful night to trick or treat and the boo's came home with full buckets!  We once again ventured down to Lockerbie Square where Dad got his annual Halloween beer:)  This year the boy's cousin Erin joined us, she was a hocus-pocus witch!  Erin had a full bucket too!  Hope you all had a Halloween full of happiness!

 Declan and Erin getting ready for some treats!
 Conall got a good one!
 Erin, Conall and Declan at the end of the night:)
 Dad, mama and the boo's!


And the pumpkins are carved!  The guys had a fun time designing faces, scooping out goo and cutting out their faces:)  Declan picked a grumpy face and Conall has a goofy face.  Neither of them really got into the goo, so dad once again was left to do the yucky part!  Here's dad and Conall getting started.
 Declan just having fun:)
 Touching the goo!
 Pretty sure your pumpkin is not a horse Conall D!
 Pumpkin mouth!
 Helping Conall put the "lid" on:)
 Here's Grumpy and Goofy!  Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Field trip

Declan had his first field trip today!  I was able to go with him and it was so much fun:)  He was excited to go not just because we were going to the pumpkin patch, but we rode with Carly and her mom and they have a car with a sliding door (a minivan)!  So funny!  Another little girl from his class, Aidan, rode with us too.  We took a hay ride out to the pumpkins and every one got to pick out a pumpkin to take home:)  Here's Declans pumpkin!
 Here's Aidan and Declan with their pumpkins:)
 Declan loved the combine slide!
He was even more excited that he got to go into the cab at the top!
 They even had a dinosaur that ate pumpkins!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin patch

After church we drove up to Stoneycreek Farms in Noblesville to pick out the boo's pumpkins!  We took a hay ride out to the patch in search of the perfect pumpkins:) 
 Conall walking through the patch, he liked patting the big pumpkins:)
 Declan trying to pick up a huge one!
 The little guys playing in the big hay stack!
 Conall as a pumpkin:)
 Monster Declan!
 And the quiet ride home:)
It was a great time, but the fun will really be when we get to carve the pumpkins!

Joey's game

Saturday afternoon we headed over to the University of Indianapolis to watch Joey Leach play football and to meet up with the Leach/Barger and Bultemeier families:)  One of my best friends, Abby, was up visiting from FL and I haven't seen Jess in awhile, so it was so nice to catch up with them.  Janie and Gram put together an delicious tailgate:)  Here's Declan enjoying a football shaped brownie!
Thanks to Gram for the footballs:)
 Here's the guys before the game!
 Jess, Abby and me:)  Go Greyhounds!
 The little guys loved climbing on the bleachers!
 Here's Joey...#18, couldn't get it to crop:(  But he played great!

Friday, October 21, 2011

boo 1

Declan had show and tell at school yesterday and he chose to bring in his favorite dump truck!  He was super excited to bring it in and tell his friends about it:)

boo 2

Little Conall was missing his big brother while he was at school, but after a few grapes he was a happy guy again! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

16 months

Little Conall bear you're 16 months old!  Oh my goodness, you are growing up so fast!  You are finally starting to sleep better (I really hope I didn't jinx it by typing that), it's been hard with your molars coming in.  You still don't have a lot of variety in your diet...fruit and yogurt are your favorite, but we can normally get some waffles, gold fish and black beans in you too:)  You're taking after Declan in your love for books, which we love too.  Balls seem to be your go to toy, along with golf clubs and your little dump truck.  You can show us where your head, hair, ears, nose, mouth, feet/toes and belly are.  You are signing for more, please, thank you, cheese, ball, tweet bird, airplane, helicopter and puppy.  Mama, Dada, duck, that and truck are what we hear most, you're really close to saying Declan.  You give great hugs and kisses and your laugh is so awesome!  We can't wait to take you trick or treating this year, hopefully your won't sleep through it like last year:)  We love you boo 2!   

Sunday, October 16, 2011

3 years + 4 months

Oh goodness Declan B, you are growing up way too fast!  We are amazed at how much know and are able to do.  You've known all of your letters for a long time, but are really good at finding and pointing out letters, especially ones in your name.  And you can even write a couple of letters!  You love to count and count everything:)  You ask what almost every word starts with and we are always happy to tell you.  Party Rock by LMFAO is your (I mean all of ours) favorite song!  We read your new favorite big truck book everyday, sometimes 3 times:)  And you are really into Halloween books and Curious George books too.  Cinnamon toast is a new favorite breakfast food for you!  You are super excited to go trick or treating and are going to be a fireman for the 2nd year in a row:)  You're doing great in school and we love to hear about your day.  You've really started to play well with Conall, which is so wonderful.  You're an awesome big brother.  Keep up the good work boo, we love you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the great outdoors

This past weekend we took the boys on their first camping adventure to Lake Rudolph down in southern Indiana.  We got in early Saturday afternoon and I took the kids to the little carnival they were having while BC set up our campsite.  The boys were excited to get back and see the tent up along with their "camping bags" inside:)  The first night we had to put Declan back in his sleeping bag and moving Conall so he wasn't stuck to my side, the second night Declan got hot and we still had to move Conall around (he only woke up 2 each night!).  I'm not going to lie, it was so awesome to sleep in our bed last night, but those two nights in the tent with the boys, so wonderful:) 

 That afternoon the campground celebrated Halloween, which meant we got to go trick or treating!  Almost all of the campers decorated for Halloween and the boys loved seeing all of the spooky campsites!  I'm a little shocked by how many people picked out suckers for Conall, "here's one he can have" they would say, really?  Suckers?  They had a blast walking around with their buckets full of treats and it was good practice for Halloween night too!

 The first night we made mac n cheese and roasted hot dogs for dinner:)

 This is how Declan fell asleep each awesome!  Conall went right to bed the first night, but we had to drive him around the second night:)

 We found something new the boys will eat...pop tarts!  Conall loved them!

 We made pancakes for breakfast each morning:)

 Most everyone left early Sunday morning, so we were able to just hang out and enjoy the awesome weather!  And the dirt, oh my gosh were the boo's dirty!

 We even went fishing!  BC and Declan caught 3 fish!  After touching the first fish Declan said it was "pokey", Conall touched it too:)  It was so fun to see the guys fish together and I was able to get some awesome video too.

 Here's the big one!  Well, really this was the smallest of the three:)

 Our boys do not like s'mores!  Crazy!  Declan liked to marshmallows off the stick, not roasted and Conall decided I should eat it instead!