Thursday, December 31, 2009

New do!

Thank you to aunt Amanda (the real hair stylist in the family) for Declan's new do! He did a great job in the chair and sat very still for her:) Of course it was only a trim!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh, our boo is 18 months old!

18 months old! That's a year and a half, only 6 more months til he's 2! Please, please let them go by slow:) Oh, there are so many things our boo is up to...his new favorite word is "clock" although most of the time the "l" is left out (as it was at the zoo the other night!), he climbs up on everything, the bench in the front walk room and the dining room chairs are getting a lot of use right now. He's loving the pool...we've gone a few times lately and he'll get out and jump (I mean take a really big step) to us and if we put a noodle under his arms and lay him on his tummy he'll kick his legs! Swim lessons start in January:) He loves to help me with the laundry, I'll give him the wet clothes and he'll put them in the dryer and then he'll take the dry ones out and carry them in our room (our laundry room is upstairs next to our bedroom)...he's not good about folding them, he just likes to pile them places! Declan has learned to scream...not because he's mad, he just likes to scream to hear how loud he is, it's wonderful. I asked him the other day if Santa was coming to see him and he told me "neh" (that's a no)!! He ate some bacon the other day, so maybe he won't be a veggie like me?! With Declan it just keeps getting better and better:) We love you boo!

Up on the bench with the clock behind him!

Sitting like a big boy at the table.

This is the sport headband he wore to the pool the other week:)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here's Dec and Dad with the penguins!

Boo at the zoo!

Last night we went to the zoo to watch our niece Kiana sing with her choir from school. She did a great job and it was fun to see her with her friends. After she finished singing we took Declan all around to look at the lights and animals. Of course he loved the ocean animals the best. He even tried to pet a shark! It was a little chilly, but he didn't seem to mind:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This past Monday we had 4 of my girlfriends with their little girls over for a playdate, which turned into a wonderful brunch! While munchin' on bagels, donut holes, fruit and fake mimosas (2 of the ladies are preggo) we made cinnamon applesauce ornaments:) The 5 little ones had a blast taking out all of the toys and strewing them from the living room to the kitchen. Declan did pretty well sharing, except for two of his toys (his light up drum and pull behind phone)...he did not want anyone else touching them! I didn't get any pictures of Tessa, but she was in on it too!

Milena on the tractor:)

Lizzie likes to take the books off the shelf too!

Laura and Mary cutting out ornaments.

Declan not sharing his drum!

Friday, December 4, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

I'm a little late in getting these up, but last Saturday we went to pick out our Christmas tree! BC found the perfect one and after strapping it on our car Clark W. Griswald style we were off!
By Sunday afternoon our tree was up, lit and decorated. Well, to be honest the decorating hasn't stopped...a certain little boo likes to take off the ornaments and hang them in different spots, so it's ever changing:) The best part of "lighting" the tree was watching Declan try to blow out the lights! He's just too funny sometimes! And no, we do not have a tree topper because we can't find one that we like!