Sunday, June 26, 2011

church party!

So there really wasn't a party at our church, but it was the Summer Social!  We just call it a church party:)  The boys had so much playing games at Tiger Town and I had so much fun eating strawberry shortcake!  It was a beautiful evening filled with food, games and fun:)
Declan "fishing"...he caught a pirate patch that once he put it on, he didn't take it off!  He also caught 4 little lizards:)

 Conall was not sure about this fishy business!
 Dad and Declan mini golfing:)
 Declan's strategy was to put the ball a couple of inches away from the hole and then putt it in!
 And here's the pirate patch...arrgh!
 He loved going in the blow up obstacle course too!
 At the dunk tank!  We asked him what his favorite part of the night was and he told us "getting the girl in the water"!

Friday, June 24, 2011

"i like tella"

is what he told me when I asked him what he was doing!  I had given him graham crackers with his nutella, but after eating them he decided he would just dip his fingers in instead!  Nice buddy, thanks:)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy dada day!

Happy father's day!  Thank you BC for being such an amazing dad to our boys.  You are so patient and loving, always up for playing and giving face toots!  I love how excited the boys get when they hear you open the door.  You are such an excellent role model for them and your love never goes unnoticed.  We love you!
Here's the proud papa with our two little guys:) 
 We woke dad up to give him his present!  Don't worry he wasn't too mad:)
 Boo 2 and dada:)
 Declan checking out the card he picked out!

Boiler up

Friday night we drove up north to ya ya and pop pop's to celebrate Dalton's graduation!  The smartie pants is on to Purdue this fall...Boiler Up!!  Here's all the Butler grandkids...Jake, Hannah, Declan, McKenzie, Dalton, Conall, Delaney and Kiana!
 Jake gave Declan new basketball!
 Conall and Aunt Tam:)
 Eating more cake...this time it was ice cream cake though!
 At Dalton's graduation party where we also had more cake!  Congrats Bud!

More bday pics!

Just a few pics from our two days of celebrating birthdays!
Here's Declan having his cake and opening his present:)
 It's a new watch! 
 Conall not having his cake:)
 He got a new puppy!
 Now they both have puppies!

Friday, June 17, 2011


So happy to report that the boo's are super healthy!
Declan weighed in at 32 lbs and is 37.5" tall:) 
Conall weighs 20 lbs 3 oz and is 29.5" tall:)


Oh my gosh, Boo 2 you're 1 today!  Wow, did your first year of being our little guy and Declan's little brother go by fast!  You amazed us everyday with how quickly you developed and learned new things.  You crawled way too early and were off walking by 9 months!  Your 6 little teeth make the happiest of smiles:)  When we ask where your belly and head are you can show us by patting them, not at the same time though!  You just recently started using the sign for more, of course you use it when you want more to eat:)  You are loving the pool and splashing in the water.  We love how you turn and back up when you want to sit in our lap to read a book or just to plop down.  You adore your big brother, sometimes too much...he doesn't always like when you grab him.  You have found your voice...if you're not babbling "mama" or "dada" you're are screaming really loud with excitement, of if you're in the car you're just screaming (really, a whole year of riding in the car and you still scream?).  You love to eat black beans, applesauce, yogurt, crackers and veggie sticks.  Oh, and goldfish of course!  It sure would be nice if you'd start sleeping through the night, but we know that will come (we hope very soon).  We wish you the happiest of first birthdays and hope you have a terrific time being 1!!  You are a blessing to us all, we love, love, love you Boo 2! 
(Declan at 1)
I will update stats later today after their well visit:)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Three years old!  Oh my goodness Boo, we can't believe you're three!  We think you are going to have an awesome time being three:)  You have done so much already, we can't wait to see what lies ahead of you (and us) this year.  Some of your favorite things to do right now are play outside (at the park or the backyard), go to the pool, library, pretzel shop and the museum.  You love to read books and really like Curious George, Perfect Soup and The Berentsain Bears.  Chicken, broccoli, pasta, waffles, eggs, cheese, turkey and strawberries are your favorite foods and you eat a ton of it!  You also love ice cream!  Toy Story (1,2 and 3), Mickey Mouse and Little Einstein's are your favorite shows to watch.  You are a wonderful singer and like to sing songs all day long.  You love letters and numbers too:)  You are finally sleeping better, but you still don't go to bed until late.  Your memory is amazing and you are super funny too!  We are so blessed to be your mama and dada and we love, love, love you!  Happy, happy birthday Boo! 

Declan has his 3 year well visit tomorrow, so I'll update his stats then:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


If you've ever been to South Haven, you've been to Sherman's!  As you can tell from the earlier posts BC and Declan spent a lot of time here:)  So much that we couldn't drive past it without Declan telling us to stop when he saw the blue cow on the roof!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yes, Michigan...

Ahh, we are home from our first family of four vacation to South Haven, MI.  We had a wonderful four days of beach, ice cream, strawberries, swimming, eating, shopping and more ice cream!  The boys were wonderful on the trip, we just wish the weather would have been:)  We took so many pictures and the best way I could post them was by day, so scroll down through Saturday to see them all. 


After getting unpacked and settled in we went downtown for lunch at Captain Nemo's and then hit the beach!  It ended up being the only really nice day, so we're glad we got it in:)  The boys got new sand toys for their birthdays and were anxious to use them!  They dug and dumped sand like crazy:)  And yes, Conall ate sand, it was the first thing he did!  I don't think any was actually digested, but it sure was all over his face:)  Both of the boys loved the water and waves.  It was an awesome afternoon at South Beach!  Later that evening we had dinner at Clemetine's and hit up Sherman's Ice Cream for the first, but definitely not the last time!  Declan and BC split Mackinaw Island Fudge (I think this was BC's favorite) while I put Conall down for bed.  It just so happened that Sherman's was a quick 3 minute walk from where we were staying...and I think they were quite happy about that!


Thursday morning we walked around and shopped downtown South Haven, of course we ended up in a chocolate shop (there's like 3 on every block)!  After our chocolate fix we walked down to see the boats up close.  The Friends-Good-Will ship or the "pirate ship" as Declan called it was really cool.  We looked into going out on it, but 4 years old is age minimum, so we enjoyed watching go out every night.  Down at the piers we feed some ducks, Conall really liked watching them.  We hit up an awesome park up on the bluff.  It was a huge wooden ship/castle...the boys loved it.  Then we walked down the to beach to play!  I can't tell you how much fun they had:)  It was so fun to watch them dig, run and splash around.  Finding sticks and "sea pods" (shells) kept them quite busy!  We had dinner on The Idler, which is a big boat in the marina that has been turned into a restaurant.  We ended our evening with a stop at Sherman's (this turned into a nightly routine).  Declan had Blue Moon and BC and I split Mackinaw Island Fudge.  Conall even got in on some of it! 
 Picking out white chocolate covered pretzels!
 On the bridge by the marina:)
 Peeking at the ducks!
 In front of the Friends-Good-Will ship.
 At the park!
 The three guys on the beach!
 Conall D!
 Making our mark in the sand.
 Trying to get a picture with mama:)
 Drawing in the sand.
Climbing the dune.
 Declan B!
 Our beach boo's!
 Dinner on the boat.
 Looking at boats:)
Sitting with mama:)
 Picking out Blue Moon ice cream!
Just a couple bites for Conall!