Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hooray, hooray the pool is open!  We spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday splashing, sliding, jumping and sunning at the pool:)  With all three days hitting 90 degrees out, it was the place to be!  Declan and Conall are loving the slide this year and new boo loves the sun too!  Here's just an assortment of pictures from our weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

boo's in bed

The other day the boy's decided (I'm pretty sure it was Declan's idea) to put their jammies back on and "go to sleep"...oh I wish it was real!  But this is how they were in Declan's room, so sweet!  Let's hope they are this excited about going to sleep when they share a room in a few months! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

soccer week 6

What a wonderful morning for a soccer game!  It was a bit warm, but we'll take it:)  Delcan woke up at 5 am saying his knee hurt and didn't want to walk on it, but after awhile he was up and about.  He ran a little funny and wasn't as aggressive during his game, but had a super time anyway:)  Conall sat under a tree to watch this week!  Only one more week of the season left!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

23 months

Conall's Top Ten
Can you believe this little bear is going to be 2 in a month?!  We can't!
10.  Playing with all of the soccer balls at Declan's games.
9.  Going to the park with mama while Declan is in school.
8.  Taking walks with dad to the store to get treats.
7.  Helping to water the garden with his own little watering can.
6.  Playing outside with his bike, mower and shovels.
5.  Hearing the new baby's heart beat, he likes to say "hu bu, hu bu, hu bu".
4.  Getting a pretzel with mama while Declan was at Jack's birthday party (don't tell Declan).
3.  Riding bikes down to the canal and feeding the ducks on Mother's Day.
2.  Reading new big guy picture books before nap and bed time.
1.  Helping dad mow the lawn.

Can't wait to see how much fun he'll have at his 2nd birthday party, he likes cupcakes now:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 yrs + 11 months

Declan's Top Ten
10.  Spaghetti Dinner at his school (even though he didn't win the marble table in the raffle).
9.  Watching dad in the mini, he was so good at holding his sign up and loves the cow bell he got.
8.  Soccer!  He's loving it, especially the snack afterwards because it's normally a juice box.
7.  Having Mother's Tea at school, one of the best days if you ask me!
6.  Spider Man jammies...thank you ya ya and pop pop, he wears them almost every night and sometimes during the day!
5.  Eating the strawberries that are growing in our garden.
4.  Going the pizza store on a field trip at school.  I still can't believe he ate the whole thing!
3.  Riding our bikes down to the canals and feeding the ducks on Mother's day.
2.  Going to Chuck E. Cheese's with his buddy Jack for his birthday...he could not wait and had such a blast:)
1.  Running in his own mini downtown, we're not sure he'll ever put that medal away!

And now it's time to start planning the birthday party!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

the race

Here is the beginning of the race, if you watch BC in the green shirt you'll be able to see Declan in front of him:)
And here's the big finish! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rookie Run

After soccer we headed downtown for Declan's first race (which we hope is the start of many)...The Rookie Run!  It was a 2 block course and he finished with an awesome time, we're not sure what it was exactly, but it was fast!  He was so excited to get a bib number and a goodie bag with a sweatband in it:)  
Here he is heading into the starting corral with dad. 
 He was in the 3 year old age group.  Here's dad holding him up so we could see him before he started.
 Showing Conall his medal!  He is proud of it!
 Here's the finisher!  We are all so proud of our little racer, way to go Declan:)

soccer week 5

What an awesome day at soccer!  Declan was ready to go with his new soccer bag (thank you ya ya and pop pop).  He's getting more aggressive at going after the ball, but needs to remember not to take it from his team!  He scored 2 more goals this week and had a ton of fun:)  Way to go Breakers!

Walking to the field with dad.
 Dad helping Declan get ready for practice.
 Giving it a boot!
 Conall stacked up all the soccer balls on dad and then climbed on top!
 Taking it to the goal!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New boo 26 weeks

Well here we are over 6 months in and we haven't blogged about New Boo! 
We had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is going awesome:)  The boo's were with me and loved hearing the heartbeat (me too).  We don't have to go back until next month.  If you didn't know, we decided not find out if a little girl or boy would be joining our family, but if you ask Declan it's a sister in there:)  On a side note, when I was wearing this dress the other day a mom said to me "that's the longest t-shirt I've ever seen", to which I replied "my husband's really tall"...I thought it was funny:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

conall bear

Just a little bit of what our Conall Bear has been up to:)

Tea with Declan

This morning was Mother's Tea at Declan's school and it was so much fun! They have been preparing for this day for a couple of weeks. Last week when I asked what he did in school he told me "I can't tell you, Mrs. Coppell said I can't"! Their room was all set up for us and they had a few songs to sing us after we enjoyed cookies and milk. We even had a gift! Flower seeds and a decorated frame with the best picture in it:) Thanks for a great morning boo!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

give it a boot declan

This video is a little wobbly, Conall was doing somersaults on my lap while I was filming:)

soccer week 4

Finally a nice, sunny day for soccer! Declan had an awesome day at soccer today...he scored 2 goals! He's really getting into it and is pretty aggressive at going after the ball most of the time, but he's just as happy when someone else scores:) Today was also team picture day. It took 4 people to get 8 kids and 2 coaches lined up. I can't wait to get his individual picture back, his smile is hilarious:) Thanks to Gram and Grandad for coming to watch too.
 Dad congratulating Declan after his goal!
 Conall kept himself busy during the game.
So happy after his second goal!
 Snack time!  Don't you love the little girl in her snow shoes and skirt?
Grandad, Declan, Conall and Dad...soccer dudes!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 mini

It was a hot, humid morning for running 13.1 miles, but he did it!  We're so proud of dad...he was quite sweaty, but ran a great race considering the temp.  The boo's made signs for him and were so happy to see him!  Great job Papa, we love you and we're so happy you weren't one of the many who passed out or threw up along the way:)

pizza chef

Declan and his class had a field trip to the pizza store (Papa Murphy's) the other day...they had so much fun!  They got to make their own pizza to take home, he made cheese and pepperoni!  He was so excited to have it for dinner and said he was going to eat the whole...he did!  Except for the crust which he nicely shared with his brother:)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

soccer week 3

What a bummer! We were rained out this Saturday:( Ya ya and Pop pop were down visiting too, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for some nice weather this weekend (for BC's race and for soccer). The boys did manage to find something to do though:)