Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New hair cut

Last night Dad and Declan both got hair cuts! Sorry I don't have any pictures of BC's new do, but it looks nice:) Declan did so great in the big guy chair and sat very still. You'll have to excuse the syrup on his face, we took these right after his waffle breakfast!

Monday, March 29, 2010

IFD and ER

Yep, as in the Indianapolis Fire Department and the Emergency Room...it's been quite chaotic around here the past few days! On Thursday afternoon Declan and I went out to the back yard to play. I had my keys to unlock the garage to get out some of his toys, after doing that I put them back in the house because I didn't need them and so he wouldn't want to play with them. After playing for awhile we were getting ready to go in, Declan beat me to the door and closed it before I could get up the stairs...no big deal, but as I went to turn the knob he had already locked the door from the inside! AAAHHH!! I tried calling BC, but could not get ahold of him and after trying to get Declan to turn the little lock I had no choice but to call 911. They put me through to the fire department and a couple of minutes later a big truck with sirens on rolled up along with 2 police cars! They were so nice about the situation and had the door open within seconds. Our poor little guy was just standing there with tears:( Thank goodness I had the phone with me! Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, I had a bunch of errands to run and BC wanted to watch the games, so I left after we put Declan down for a nap. I called on my way home and BC said that they had "fun" and he'd tell me about when I got home. Well, as I pulled in the garage I noticed a gross little pile of yucky white on the ground and then some more (this one had some yellow mac n cheese in it) on the porch. I didn't need to ask, I knew Declan had gotten sick. BC began to tell me all about the afternoon, Dec had some mac n cheese after he woke up and then they went for a walk, about an hour later (with no warning) it all came back up! Declan asked for some yogurt and that too came right back up! As I was listening to BC tell me the story Declan was drinking some water and out of no where...more puke! So we stuck him in the bath and called the doctor. After talking to a nurse she told us no solids, just a tsp of water every 5 minutes. We put him to bed hoping for no more puke. At 4:30 he woke up coughing and of course, more puke. We brought him in bed with us and when he woke up he was so thirsty and hungry, we only gave him a little water and a few bites of a plain donut. Yep, you guessed it, it all came up all over our pillows! After another call to the doctor we took him to Medcheck, where we told them what was going on and then sent us directly to the ER. It was about 11 am and our poor little guy was so hungry! We got checked in and they brought him some anti-nausea medicine (Zofran), but he couldn't eat or drink for at least a half hour. He finally fell asleep in my arms, which we all needed. The nurse finally came in and said he could eat/drink something...he was so happy! It all stayed down for 30 minutes so they let us go! We promptly went to the cafeteria (none of us had eaten all day) and got some lunch. So far nothing has come back up! He's doing great today, back to his normal little self:) We almost made it 2 years without an ER trip, I think 21 months is pretty good!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mary's birthday party

Yesterday we helped celebrate Mary's 2nd birthday at Monkey Joe's! Mary is one of Declan's little girlfriends and he was so excited to see her and the other ladies:) Of course he was the only one that did not want his cupcake (although he likes to say cupcake), he just ate the frosting! Before leaving he gave Mary a birthday kiss and it was by far the cutest thing we've seen in awhile!!
Happy, happy birthday Mary!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

21 months!!

Aahh, Declan turned 21 months on Tuesday!! Everyday we notice what a little boy he is growing into, an awesome little boy that is. He is such a yapper these days (don't know where he gets that from!)...his vocabulary just grows and grows. He is really into shapes and colors right now. He notices everything, and I mean everything, that is blue, green, yellow or purple. BC had bought some M&M's and the only way Declan could eat them is if he picked the color that dad told him...and he could do it! Oval, star, circle and square are his favorite shapes and loves to point those out too. I swear I can cut his hair so I think it's out of his eyes, but 2 days later it's hanging in front of those beautiful blues:) He still eats 2-3 waffles for breakfast, but now he does it while finding clues on Blue's Clues (his new favorite show). This past week we've been outside everyday and it's getting harder and harder to get him inside, which is okay because we love that he loves being outside. He's been so much braver at the park, which is good and bad. And just this week he drank milk! This is a huge step for him, it's Horizon Organic Vanilla and he even asks for it...which has led to him learning to sign for it too! He's been so sweet to the baby (my tummy) lately, even giving it kisses! We've even been going to church and he's been really good during mass, thanks in part to the string cheese and gold fish:) Oh Boo, we love, love, love you!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

dr appt (23 weeks)

Dec and I went to visit Dr. Adams today for a check up. We (boo 2 and I) gained 3 pounds since our last visit and are measuring a little more than a week ahead! I think we're in for a good sized baby:) Our next appointment is in 4 weeks and that's when I get to drink the gross stuff for the glucose test, blah. Heartbeat sounded wonderful!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enjoying the backyard

Thanks to the warm up yesterday we were able to enjoy our backyard finally! Declan loves to be outside and had a fun time with his car and truck. He also had a fun time kicking around the ball! I enjoyed sitting in the warm sun:) It's supposed to rain the rest of the week, but at least we got to spend one afternoon outside!

Oh Beep!

I don't know why my videos show up black, but they work:)