Wednesday, May 21, 2014

fast little feet

I think we have another runner in the family!  He's a speedy little one!  I think what he's doing before he takes off is counting "1,2,3 Go!".  Love the sound of his little feet!
Speaking of his little feet...
He dumped out a bag of lentils yesterday!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Rookie Run 2014

The boys are taking after dad and not only in their looks!  They ran in the Rookie Run a couple weekends ago:)  Really the best part of the race is when they cross the finish line to get their medal, water and snack!  This was Declan's third time running, he's a pro now.  Conall didn't "run" it last year or this year, but with Dad's help he finished again:)  Great job boo's!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Soccer season has started!  And it's double the kicks this time...Declan is playing for the Scorpion's and Conall is on the Lighting Limes (which was also Declan's first team!).  So we have two nights of practice, 2 games on Saturday, but will soon to switch to 4 games a week...mostly on different days:)
Here's a look at their first soccer games from last weekend!  Conall had a lot of fun running around and trying to kick the was a great start for him!  Declan's league is a bit more competitive than last year, so his first game was a break in for him.  Both guys did awesome and it was a so fun to watch's to many, many, many more games!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Student of the Month

 It was big day for Declan yesterday (and a very proud day for us)...he was selected Student of the Month at school!  One student is nominated from each grade each month:)  He so excited to be chosen and to have his picture taken with the older students and his principal, Mr. Stewart.  We were invited to have lunch with all the of students and Mr. Stewart read letters from their teachers and presented the students with a certificate!  Congratulations Boo, we love you!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

it only took 2 days....

for Conall to do this!

Mom's Tea

 Yesterday I was lucky enough to have "Mom's Tea" with this little bear!
I joined Conall in his classroom for a morning of songs, treats, smiles and hugs.
Our table was decorated with flowers in a vase that he had made!  His gift to me was a painted and decorated puzzle piece pin for me to wear:)  He and his class sang songs for us and served us treats.  It was a wonderful grumpy bear in sight! 

 He ate his cookie and my brownie:)
He may be about 30 years off, but he sure is sweet!  He calls Galvan "our baby" or "my baby"...he's such a great big brother!