Sunday, May 29, 2011

pool time!

Hooray, the pool is open!  What a great day for our first day at the pool, a little windy, but warm and sunny:)  Declan jumped right in and started playing and splashing.  He even went down the slide today...a bunch!  I think Conall thought the water was a little chilly (as did I), but he definitely had a fun too!  Here's dada and the guys:)
Declan playing with the faucets!
Conall taking a break for some goldfish:)
Dec, mama and Conall!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

D and C

Declan counting his cups:) 
Conall going for a ride!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Schools out!

Thank you Miss Patti and Miss Stacey!
Yesterday was Declan's last day of school (Mom's Day Out)!  He had a wonderful year with Miss Patti and Miss Stacey and made some great little friends that he'll be in preschool with next year.  He doesn't quite grasp the concept of "summer vacation" yet, and I have a feeling he's going to ask to go to school quite a bit this summer:)  He loved helping pack his lunch and wearing his backpack in the morning, but I'm sure September will be here before we know it and he'll be off to preschool! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

11 months

 How in the world is Conall 11 months old today?!  He's sneaking up on one year way too fast!  The walking machine is now sporting four teeth on top and two on the bottom along with some bumps (mostly from big brother, but a few he gets on his own)!  He's just about 21 pounds of pure snorty, huggable orneriness!  He can pretty much open any cupboard that has a child proof lock on it and loves to crawl behind the couch where I can't reach him and he knows he's not supposed to be...he just laughs about it!  He loves, loves bananas, applesauce, crackers and bath time.  We've spent some days at the park and he really likes to swing and try to eat mulch:)  Sleeping is still not his best subject, but we'll get there soon, I hope!  We've been reading Put me in the zoo at bedtime and he knows to get his book and sit down, hoping he loves books like Declan does.  We can't wait to take him to the pool, I think he'll love it!  Little Conall bear you're such a serious, but fun almost one year old...we love, love, love you boo 2!

Monday, May 16, 2011

2 years + 11 months

Oh my goodness, one more month til Declan is the big 3!  Wow, I have a feeling this month is going to fly by and we don't want it to:)  He's been pretty busy the last month, wearing big guy undies, helping build and plant our garden, moving dirt and working in the yard with dada and of course making us laugh and smile everyday.  He's actually been a very big help with all of the yard/garden work...he loves to dig in the dirt, shovel it in the wheel barrow, but mostly wear his gloves:)  He's super excited that we have strawberries in the garden and can't wait to eat them when they grow (I hope they don't take too long).  This almost 3 year old eats ALL of the time, I'm not kidding, he'll eat 2 waffles for breakfast and tell me he's still hungry, so I give him a bowl of strawberries...20 minutes later "I still hungry Mama!", are you kidding me?!  This goes on all day, even after an egg, string cheese and turkey sandwich..."I still hungry Mama!"...he's a bottomless pit!  What are we going to do when Conall starts eating like this?  He'll even hold up his shirt and show me that his belly is hungry!  Declan has really been into an Easter book that we have renewed from the library three times and we read every night and sometimes during the cracks me up how he gets hung up on certain books, especially ones about holidays:)  The pool opens in a couple of weeks and we can't wait to see how he does this year.  He's already talked about the slide, so maybe he'll love it this year!  And it will be so nice not to have to put swim diapers on him!  Let's just hope he doesn't go in the pool, too much:)  Oh boo, we love you and are excited to celebrate your 3rd birthday soon!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Our play date was at the zoo today!  The weather was great this morning, although I could have done with out the hundreds of kids not listening to their teachers/chaperones that were there on field trips!  
Here's the little guys, David and Conall.
 Declan at the shark tank, he didn't actually touch one, but liked seeing them swim by his hands:)
 Here's all three little ones, Conall, Catherine and David.
 Mary, Lizzy and Declan:)
 Lizzy and Declan watching the penguins.
 The giraffes!  Declan told us last night that giraffes have long necks, in case we didn't know! 
 And the elephants, Declan said they were too stinky (so was the rhino)!
We also liked the baboons and porcupine, they were not too stinky!

Monday, May 9, 2011


And here's the beautiful roses!  Notice the donut on Declan's face:)  Conall liked "smelling" them!

Mama's day

 Thank you to my 3 wonderful guys for making yesterday so awesome!  Declan woke up early and he dad went to get donuts (one of their favorite things) and brought me home beautiful pink roses that Declan had picked out himself!  After church we went for brunch at Good Morning Mama"s (my new favorite place) followed by a great walk on the monon.  We headed home for a change of clothes and then it was off to the park!  We love watching the boys play and Declan is such a big guy now, he told us he doesn't need help on the slides:)  Both boys took a little nap before dinner, ahh some quiet!  Off course they didn't go to bed well, but that's okay because it was such a great day!  Love you guys, thank you!

 I love being your mama boo and boo 2!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Run fast Dada!

This morning was the big race...the Indy Mini!  It was BC's second year running, he finished with a great time (1:42:29) and we're so proud of him!  Here we are waiting for him to cross the finish line.  Declan loved the little clapper:)
He did it!  Way to go papa!
  All three guys:)
With Craig, BC's friend and running buddy:) 

Monday, May 2, 2011

one busy weekend

This is a big post due to the busy weekend we had, I wanted to get it all in one, so here goes!  We started off Saturday morning with breakfast at Good Morning Mama's with Ya ya and Pop pop!

 Then it was home to help dada mow the lawn!

 That afternoon we went to the Miller's to help David celebrate his 1st birthday!  Declan loved the bounce house and eating Veggie Sticks with Mary!  Conall was just happy to be walking around.  Happy birthday David:) 
  Then we left for Fort Wayne for cousin Kylie's First Holy Communion.  She looked beautiful:)  After mass we went back to their house for more bouncing and driving the pink jeep (BC just loved that!).  Gram had found "Thing" shirts for all the grand kids, Declan is "Thing 1" and Conall is "Thing 2"!  Congratulations Kylie!
  Sunday evening we had a spaghetti dinner at Declan's school.  I think his favorite part was the cupcake:)  Again, Conall just wanted to walk around!  They had art sale, so we had to buy Declan's artwork, so cute!