Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sleep head

This was taken after Declan woke up from a nap! He fell back asleep as I was holding him and looking out the window...he's such a cuddler:)

Being silly!

Just a couple funny pictures of Declan from last weekend. He loves the camera and goes straight for it whenever we get it out:) Makes for some cute pictures though!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Say cheese!

Here's a little video of Declan and Dad (on the kitchen floor) enjoying some string cheese! Declan is crazy about string cheese these days:)

Lucky number 7!

Declan's seventh tooth popped in! We just noticed it this morning:) Now we're just waiting on the right lower incisor and his set of 8 will be complete!

Friday, April 24, 2009

little green blades

We have grass! I went out to turn on the sprinkler today and look at what I saw!It's been almost 2 weeks since BC planted the grass and now he has something to show for all of his hard work:) He'll have to start mowing soon!
Way to go papa!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009



At the end of the day...

here's what Declan looks he loses one sock is beyond me, but look at those little knees! He's a crawling fool and his poor chubby knees are so red after a long day of chasing balls and following me around:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm 10 months old!

10 months old today! Oh my goodness have these past 10 months gone by fast. Declan is a crawling machine these days, he loves to push a ball around and chase it and he also likes to pull himself up onto his feet, he's getting pretty good at standing while holding on to something! He recently figured out how to clap (I can't get it on video, he stops when I try, but it's really fun to see) and still enjoys the bath and loves to play with dad's shoelaces. His new found talent is throwing things, we're thinking maybe quarterback if lineman doesn't work out! He's even sleeping a bit better, his favorite times to get up are 12:45 and 4:45. Declan gives great hugs and we're working on waving bye-bye:)

I had a hard time getting this's why!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finding the Easter Basket

Here's a little video of Declan finding his Easter basket!

Happy Easter!

This was our first Easter as a family and we had a wonderful weekend! This morning we went to Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary (a church we really like and they have a great school too) and out to brunch at Scholars Inn on Mass Ave (the food was fantastic). When we got home Declan found the Easter basket that the Easter Bunny hid for him, BC already ate all of the chocolate, good thing the Easter Bunny left him a new ball and book! It was a nice and quiet morning for all of us, a wonderful way to spend such a special day:)My two handsome guys at brunch!Mom and Dec checking out the goods:)Easter 2009 Family Picture

Yard Posting #3

So we decided to stay in Indy over the Easter weekend so that BC could work on the yard and we could have our own little family holiday. We got up early Saturday morning to go to the nursery to by some grass seed and fertilizer. They literally laughed at us when we said we want the best looking grass with as little as effort possible...did you know you have to water it everyday?! BC then took me out for breakfast (McDonald's) before heading to Menard's for some more stuff. Once we got back home, we put Declan down for a nap and I helped for a bit while BC tilled. He was able to spread the seed/fertilizer and put down straw on the front of the lawn before dark. On Sunday I helped rake up some big rocks and BC was able to get part of the back yard seeded/fertilized and strawed. He's hoping next weekend will be nice and that he'll be able to finish up. I'll let you all know how that goes!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Declan finally got blocks this weekend! We headed down to the wonderful Mass Ave Toy Store and came home with a set of blocks and a wagon (it's really called the The Toddler Wobbler, he can learn to walk with it). Here he is checking out his new blocks with Grandma Butler while I put together the wagon. So far he hasn't built anything, but he does like to throw them:)

O'Rourke Yard Update:

So the tilling of the yard didn't go as planned (too many weeds=too hard to till up)...thank goodness for the Home Depot rental center! BC rented a sod cutter after google-ing it online and decided it would be a much better way to conquer the yard. My parents and niece Hannah came down for the weekend and while we went shopping BC went to work! As you'll see in the video it started off pretty easy, but by the time we got home BC was pooped (after he'd cut a row he would have to roll it up, put in the wheel barrow and move it to the empty lot next to us)! He finally finished around 7:30 pm. I think the next step in this process is to till up the dirt, plant some seed and watch the grass grow!First row!

The last of the yard ready to be dumped:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's tilling time... our yard is just a mess of weeds and green stuff that isn't grass and BC's plan is to till it all up, plant new grass and have the best lawn on the block (which really isn't saying much if you know where we live), but here's a sneak peek at how it's going so far. Here he is just getting started and what it looked like 45 minutes later.
Enjoy this little clip of BC in action:)