Monday, February 27, 2012

a bronco and a bulldog

The boys were excited to show off their new sport shirts, so we let them wear them to church today!  This was taken before we left, which is why Declan's hair is not combed yet:)  Declan is sporting his Boise State Bronco's shirt...we visited Boise 3 years ago and attended a men's basketball game and walked around campus to see the famous blue field (loved it there!).  And Conall is working his Gonzaga Bulldog, I didn't go to Gonzaga, I went to Pepperdine, but since there was not a Waves shirt I opted for the Zags because at least they're in the same conference and Pepperdine/Gonzaga games were always so much fun to cheer at:)  Oh and Conall sometimes reminds us of a bulldog!  Like in these pictures, he just wasn't into it:)
Here's a couple of pictures from our trip to Boise back in 2009.

Friday, February 17, 2012

20 mos

Conall Bear is 20 months old today!  Definitely not ready for him to turn 2 in four months:)  Here's his Top Ten.
10.  Going to pick out his own diaper when he needs changed, he normally picks out a Cookie Monster one.
9.  Picking out stickers to stick on post its, paper, shoes, clothes, etc.
8.  Watching him figure out how to walk in his snow boots that he finally got to wear when we had 2 inches of snow.
7.  Finally not having to wipe his nose after he sneezed every couple of minutes.
6.  Picking up blocks 83 times a day just to have him completely destroy them and then sit in them.
5.  Sharing a cupcake with him on Valentine's Day (shhh, don't tell Declan, he was at school having a party).
4.  Hearing him say "ribbit" and trying so hard to say "Pooh Bear".
3.  Watching him smell basil as he and Declan helped me make dinner.
2.  Taking him downtown to Super Bowl Village to watch all the people.
1.  Hearing him say "ha ba, ha ba, ha ba", like Declan used to, after hearing new boo's heart beat yesterday.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 yrs + 20 mos

Here's Declan's Top Ten for this month (only 4 more months til he's 4!).
10.  Going to the dr. the morning after he woke up with
9.  Playing at the Mr. Potato Head exhibit for 2 hours each time we go.
8.  Having him sneak into our room at 6:45 am to tell me he loved me.
7.  Reading books with him before bed every night.
6.  Seeing his frosting/sprinkled face on Saturday mornings when he and dad get back from getting donuts.
5.  Hearing him sings songs that he is learning at school.
4.  Taking a look at his "man poop" (he asked me to come see it) he took after 3 days of being sick.
3.  Taking him down to the Super Bowl Village, he and dad even got on the Today Show and The Herd!
2.  Making Valentine's Day cards with him for his friends at school.
1.  Watching him write his name all by himself, he does quite often now!
Here was his valentine card, but we glued chocolate hearts on it too:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy heart day

Happy Valentine's Day from Declan and Conall (and new boo too)!  The boy's were super excited to wake up and find Valentine balloons:)
 No surprise that Conall is hitting, kicking and pushing around his balloon:)

 Declan had a Valentine's party at school today and it sounds like it was pretty awesome!  He was so excited to make his cards and pass them out to his friends and teachers.  Here he is taking out all of his valentine's to see who they are from:)  He has quite a spread, but has only ate a couple of treats so far.

On a historical note, 9 years ago tonight BC and I were heading off for our second date to The Bottle Inn in Manhattan Beach:) 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

o'rourke: family of 5

 BC and I are excited to announce that Declan and Conall will be big brothers!  New boo is set to arrive mid August.  We've had two ultra sounds and new boo is looking great:)  I am finally starting to feel better, still tired and at times exhausted, but I haven't had my head in the potty (or fire pit, that actually happened one morning on our way out to the garage!) for over a week.  Declan seems pretty excited about having a new baby, he was concerned with where the baby would sit in the car and if it was pooping in my tummy:)  Conall will point to my tummy, say baby and give it a kiss...pretty sure that won't happen once the baby gets here! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

mr. potato head

Yesterday we had a play date at the museum, it's turning into our weekly meeting spot, and we're super excited because Mr. Potato Head has finally arrived!! We spent almost 2 hours in the exhibit:) Declan was a little bummed that there wasn't a big spud there, I was too, I thought for sure there would be one walking around or at least a great big one to put together, but they still had a blast without him. We can't wait to take dad and show him too!

Here's the boo's with their new fireman gear and accessories:)  Declan is showing off the mustache!