Saturday, June 29, 2013


 New boo is one month away from turning 1!!
This little guy is one busy kid...lots of days at the pool, library and bike rides:)  His 8th tooth finally came in and along with pulling up on everything he's cruising down the couch, around chairs and the kitchen cupboards!  He's taking after Declan in the eating department, he it's everything we give him!  Galvan loves corn, carrots, edamame, black beans, string cheese, veggie burgers and taco meat to name a few:)  But he does have some Conall in him, he can't stay out of the dirt in our plant (Conall was notorious for this also).  He loves bath time with his brothers and playing around on the floor with them too.  We love hearing the big boys make him laugh:)  He's starting to get the hang of what walking is all about, likes to walk while holding on to our fingers and when his brothers aren't on the push car he likes to walk behind it.  He's such a chill, happy guy...we love you new boo!

Friday, June 21, 2013

3 years old!

Our grumpy bear is 3 years old!  My goodness, you just seem too little to be three, but I know how happy you are to say you're three years old now.  "Me no 2 anymore, me 3 now" you told me the other day:)  Yes, buddy you are and you are going to have an awesome year being 3!  Conall you are the most independent mama's boy I have ever's either "no me do it" or "you do it mama", no matter which way I love it.  Your laugh is the most genuine laugh we have ever heard, you really mean it when you laugh and especially if it's because of something you did that you weren't supposed to do!  I love the way you put your arm around my neck to snuggle when I lay in bed with you, I know one day you'll not want to, but for now I soak it up.  You are one funny little guy too, always adding the word poop onto the end of your sentences:)  I love how you don't walk run or gallop and the way you jump off everything, even if it's only 2 inches high.  When we give you a time out you normally laugh and giggle, which one day I will look back on and laugh too, but for now we have to be stern even if we're cracking up inside too.  You look up to your big brother so much, always doing what he does or saying what he says and you are an awesome big brother too.  At times a little rough, but we know you love him so much and you are so good at making him smile and laugh.  You're stuck in the middle and it's the best place for you.  I hope you always hug us with same love you do now because we'll never stop hugging you with all of our love.  Conall D, you make our world so bright and exciting and we thank you for being our guy.  Boo 2, you rock and we love you!

5 years old!

Happy birthday boo!  Wow, 5 years old...I'll never forget the day you were born, June 16 was such a special day, I just can't believe it was 5 years ago.  Declan you are the most amazing little guy, you are so witty and intelligent, so caring and kind, thoughtful and wondering, always questioning and thinking, and so very funny.  You are such a great big brother to C and G.  They love you and look up to you so much, and I know that will grow even more in time.  We love that you are so interested in learning, reading and math, but also love to play soccer, t-ball, swim and ride your bike.  You have the best explanations for things and we love to hear them.  Your memory is amazing, I hope you never forget how much we love you and enjoy you.  Turning 5 is a big milestone, there are so many new things that will happen this year, we know you're ready for all of them and are excited to able to cheer you on through them all.  Being your parents has been the biggest blessing, we love it and always will.  Your smile will get you far in life, but your big heart will carry you the farthest.  We love you boo, happy birthday buddy.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dad's Day

 Happy Father's Day BC (and Pop pop and Grandad!)!
Sunday morning we let dad sleep in while we made him blueberry waffles!  The boy's woke him up and gave him his "candy card", which of course they opened and ate with him:)  After church we headed over to the mall (doesn't that sound like a place a dad would want to go?) to pick out some new shoes for dad.  Then we headed downtown to the White River State Park on our bikes!  Declan can't ride that far yet, so he rode with Galvan while Conall went with me.  The boys had so much running around, jumping of the stone walls and looking for fish.  We love you dad and all that you do for us and with us, you are an amazing husband and awesome dad, we are so blessed and fortunate to have you!  Thanks for making me a mama and filling my life with blocks, balls, polo shirts, flip flops and poop jokes:)


Double birthday bash!

This past Saturday we celebrated D and C turning 5 and 3!!
Once again we had an awesome day at the pool with lots of food, friends & family, swimming, jumping off the diving boards, sliding down slides and cupcakes!  Thank you to all who helped us celebrate, the boys had a fantastic time:)  Here's a few (okay, quite a few) pics of the day! 
Happy birthday guys, we love you boo and boo 2!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 months

While we were on vacation this chubby little sand eater turned 10 months old!
He's a busy guy crawling all around the place.  He can pull himself up on just about anything...his crib, the couch and chairs, my leg:)  Walking isn't that far off, which is exciting, but I'm not sure we're ready for that!  He's still babbling and saying "da da", but he's got something that also sounds like "mama"...ahh, music to my ears.  We're still waiting on his 8th tooth to pop through.  He's a great eater, pretty much anything we give him...sweet potato fries (he inhaled them on vacation), corn, peas, potatoes (the only kid that eats them), veggie burger and waffles and pancakes are few of his faves.  His little laugh is so fun to hear, especially when we hear it because of something his brothers did:)  He's in 12 month clothes now and weighed 20 lbs at his 9 month check up!  Galvan C. you're an awesome little buddy, we love you new boo!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Siesta Key

Here's our two big guys on the long drive down to Siesta Key!  Galvan was sleeping so nicely in his seat:)  We left Friday afternoon and drove straight through (BC was a trooper, thanks to Diet Coke!) and arrived in hot, sunny FL at 8 am Saturday morning!  After getting some groceries and checking in the boys and I hit the beach while BC napped.  It was an awesome first day that left our boys super wiped out, that seemed to be the trend the rest of the week.  We would wake up early, look for shells, have breakfast and head to the beach.  After lunch we'd go back out or go swimming in the pool.  We found a new place to go for dinner each day, but it was always followed by ice cream or mini donuts! When we got back to our "beach home" we would down to the beach for low tide and the sunset.  This was one of our favorite times:)  The boys were busy all day long digging, building, riding waves, shell collecting, eating sand (just Galvan), and doing cannon balls into the pool.  They also liked watching the pelicans and sand piper hunt for fish.  We saw a manatee, dolphins and a crab...Declan beat feet out of the water with the first sight of the crab!  It was an amazing vacation, we had a blast everyday and were sad to leave, but it's summer here and our pool is open!  Now to start thinking about where our next trip will take us:)
Getting a push from big brother!
Looking for sea shells early in the morning.
Eating and playing in the sand.
Shuffle board!
Digging in the sand with mama.
Conall and dad shufflin'!
Reading a book before bed.
Napping on the beach.
This was right after he woke up, must have been a good nap!
Some more napping!
At Turtle Bay for dinner.
Our two big ones.
Loving the low tide.
Beach buddies.
Our happy little one.
Delcan wrote all of their names in the sand:)
All of us at sunset.
Could he be happier?!
Goodnight sun.
Ice cream!  They wish it was real.
Conall helping to push while in the village.
Running in the waves.
I think his smile is saying..."I love the beach!".
Beach bum!
Splish, splash.
Building sandcastles with dad.
Beach baby.
The big dudes on the beach.
We were able to catch up with our friends Ashley (with her little girl Finley) and Abby (with Pierce), they both live near by.  Ten years ago we all shared a studio apartment in LA!  We've come a long way:)  Pierce will be 1 on June 13, Finley will be on July 14 and Galvan on July 29!  
5 kids under 5!
One of my favorites:)
In the surf with mama.
This is what happened after a long day in sand and sun!
Shell hunting with mama.
Watching for dolphins.
Mmmm, ice cream!