Saturday, December 29, 2012

5 months

 Galvan is 5 months old!  My goodness these months have gone by too fast.  This month has been filled with lots of time with his brothers, trips downtown, Christmas and poop.  He can roll over now and is quite good at it, just like his brothers he rolls from back to tummy.  Once he's there he's stuck though:)  He's sleeping in his crib at night and is taking a few good naps a day.  He's a great eater, you can probably tell by his thighs:)  He's doing well gripping and grabbing toys.  Poor little guy even had his first cold, it's been a rough couple of days/nights, but we think he's on the mend.  This little boo does not like to have his nose wiped, but thank goodness for Boogie Wipes, they make it so much better!  He had a great first Christmas and we're looking forward to happy new year with him and his brothers.  We love you new boo!
 This is what I found after BC had been holding him for awhile...funny how he didn't notice he was poopy!
 Declan and Conall built a bed for Galvan one afternoon:)
 Getting some advice from Conall...this can't be good!
Spending some time with his biggest brother Declan.
And here's the big roll!  Conall ran out to the kitchen to tell us that Galvan "roll over", sure enough he was on his tummy when we ran in:)  Way to go little buddy!

Christmas 2012

 Merry Christmas!  What an awesome holiday we have had...we went to Christmas Eve Mass and actually got a seat!  The children's choir was singing and it was fun to think that someday our boys might be singing too.  We came home for a great big dinner, made cookies for Santa, put on our jammies and got tucked in bed.  Conall was the first to wake up and after waking up Declan (we let Galvan sleep as he had a little cold) the boys quickly made their way downstairs to see if Santa had visited...he did!  Declan helped pass out presents while opening at the same time.  "This is what I only wanted" was Declan's response to everything he opened!  Conall loved all of it, but opening up Curious George was a real surprise.  The biggest gift (for all three boys) was a basketball hoop (I can't wait for it to be warm enough to get it out)!  Their stockings were packed with treats, stickers and I even found Galvan's shoes that I had been looking for!  You can probably guess which one hid them in there:)  After opening gifts we all sat down for breakfast of fruit, cinnamon rolls and egg sandwiches:)  It was a very merry day!

Christmas with the G's

G's being grandparents of course!
We had a wonderful Christmas with the O'Rourke's...full of good food, great gifts and lots of laughing between everybody!  All four of the boys and their ladies, plus 8 grand kids all stayed the night.  The kids had just as much fun playing around as did the big kids:) 
 The kids table:)
 BC and Kienan opening gifts.
 Hot Wheels!!
 A Hex's remote control!!
Galvan hanging out with Uncle Seamus.
A few days later it was off to the Butler's...more good food, more great gifts and more laughter!
An awesome game for the coveted Christmas Bucks was played twice this year...Jon won the first night and BC won the second night! 
  A new dinosaur!
  A magic kit...he even put on a show for us!
 Rainbow flip flops for the boys!
 Galvan just hanging out:)
 Playing for Christmas Bucks!

And we even got to visit with one of my best friends Abby and her new little boy Pierce!  They were up for from FL and oh goodness is he sweet! Here we are with our boys:)

Monday, December 17, 2012

4 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old

Oh my goodness!  Declan and Conall are half way to another birthday! 
Declan has had a wonderful month at school.  He's been busy making Christmas decorations (an angel for the top of the tree and a nativity scene), playing outside with his buddies and learning about magnets.  His favorite song to listen to and sing in the car is Christmas Monkey from Curious George!  He's even tried mashed potatoes!  Jingle Bell, our Elf from Santa, has been keeping a close eye on the boys and they love seeing where he'll be in the morning:)  We're getting ready to make cookies and treats this week so it should be a fun, sugar filled time!
Conall has had an awesome month filled with trips to the library, Christmas shopping me with (we had to leave Pier 1 the other day because he couldn't stop touching the wine glasses) and digging dirt in the garden.  He had his 2 1/2 year check up and is up to 26 lbs and is 36 1/2" tall!  That's up 1" since July! 
Here's some pictures of our little trip downtown to mail out Christmas letters, run around the circle (one of their favorite things to do) and of course enjoy a treat that Dad bought them:)
We love you Boo and Boo 2!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

december so far...

 Declan and Conall made gingerbread houses at our church.  Surprisingly they put on more than they ate!  Both houses turned out merry and bright:)
 A visit with Santa!  Declan and Conall were so excited to see him and tell him what they wanted for Christmas, Galvan had no idea what was going on, but went with it:)  Santa told them he leave candy in their stockings...really, Santa? 
 We also met up with Frosty the Snowman!
 We picked out an awesome tree and the boys helped decorate it...we think it turned out spectacular! 

 We went down to the State Museum to see cousin Kenzie sing with her high school choir.  She did wonderful, what a beautiful voice she has:)

Monday, December 3, 2012

4 months

 New boo is 4 months old!  Galvan has grown so much this month, he's 14 lbs and 13 oz and 24 3/4 inches tall!  He is sleeping in his crib now and has officially found his thumb and can get it when ever he pleases:)  His smile is so big and happy and his little laughs and squels are so sweet!  He's so, so close to rolling over.  We love you Galvan C.!!

Galvan's Baptism

 Last Sunday we celebrated Galvan's baptism.  Thank you Uncle Seamus and Aunt Emily for blessing him as his godparents.  We had a beautiful ceremony followed by more fun with our family at our home.