Friday, March 23, 2012

O Brother(s)

Our two guys in their jammies...Declan handed down his Buzz Lightyear jammies to Conall (a size 3), but not his dinosaur jammies (a size 2)!
Waiting for breakfast while watching a little bit of Curious George:)
Drum, drum, drumming...I get a lot of free concerts!  Here's a sample of our dueling drummers:)

Monday, March 19, 2012

st. paddy's day

 Friday was the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown!  One of our favorite things to do...Declan likes it for the treats (3/4 of which he isn't allowed to eat), Conall just likes watching and eating the tootsie rolls and we love to watch our boys watch the parade:)  BC met us at the parade, which was good because he didn't wear green to work that day and we brought him a green bead necklace!
  Waiting for more treats:)
 The Irish O'Rourke Boys.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

21 months

So not ready to be planning a 2nd birthday party for our Conall Bear!  Please go slow next 3 months:)
10.  Eating so much french toast, I think we'll start having once a week!
9.  Reading the same 4 books every night before bed.
8.  Giving him (and Declan) a bath every night this week since they were so dirty from playing outside.
7.  Just the two of us playing at the park while Declan was at school.
6.  Filling up his cup twice with chocolate milk at dinner.
5.  Bringing me the BOZ dvd to watch almost every day, he just can't stay out of the movies.
4.  Watching him enjoy chips and salsa and beans, just like me!
3.  Getting out his summer shoes (Declan's old ones, just brings back memories).
2.  Letting him be so independent, don't brush his teeth for him or get his water off of the counter, he wants to do it all!
1.  Finding a picture of BC at Conall's age and really getting a good look at how much they look alike.

Friday, March 16, 2012

3 yrs + 21 mos

Time to start planning a birthday party soon!  Declan B. is getting way too close to being 4!
10.  Watching him jump, climb and swing at the gym.
9.  Getting his new shirts in the mail... Superman and Boise State, he LOVES them!
8.  Having lunch downtown with dad.
7.  Picking out 13 books at the library with him and coming home and reading all of them.
6.  Enjoying  some pretzels at our favorite pretzel shop, he now likes the "everything pretzel".
5.  Celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday at school, he loves his books:)
4.  Helping his brother read books before nap time.
3.  Test driving new cars with him, he likes the ones with sliding doors...oh no!
2.  Having him fall asleep on my lap in the middle of the day (that's what happens when he doesn't get enough sleep).
1.  Taking him downtown for the St. Patrick's Day parade. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

dad's night

Last night was Dad's Night at Declan's school.  He had been looking forward to this for a long time, he was so excited to have dad come to his school:)  He helped pick out his clothes (he said he wanted them to wear blue) and even got to wear some "smell good" spray!  They had an awesome time doing puzzles, building towers, making a leprechaun and having cookies!  I loved hearing all about their night when they got home:)  Here's my two biggest handsome guys!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a beautiful world

Last night BC and I went to see Colin Hay at the Vogue (this was my awesome Valentine's Day gift).  We love his music and his cameos on Scrubs were hilarious, he did not dissapoint last night!  The thing I love most about Colin Hay is that his song Beautiful World was our first dance:)  I'll be honest there were a couple tears in my eyes when he played it last night.  

Gym time

Saturday we took the boys to Gymnastics Unlimited for some gym time!  It was a great 2 hours of jumping, running, hanging, climbing and sliding!  They loved it:)
 Declan jumped so high his head was out of the shot!
 Big boo showing little boo how to climb up.
 And he could do it all by himself:)
 Jump, jump, jump!
Swinging on the bar:)
I think we may have a long jumper!