Tuesday, July 29, 2014

new boo is 2!

 Happy, happy birthday Galvan C!!  Our baby is 2 years old already!  G is the best little brother, he has such a special relationship with D and C, he loves them both and they love him so much:)  He is such a funny little guy (besides all the poopie talk), he's laugh is contagious and we love to hear it.  He eats the most variety of food in the house, but don't let him see a can of frosting...he'll want the lid off and a spoon.  His vocabulary is building everyday...today it was "cha, cha, cha" after hearing his brothers sing him Happy Birthday, but we're pretty sure "mama" is said the most!  He has the most determined walk we've ever seen and don't ever misplace his blanket, that taggie is irreplaceable:)    
After a trip to the park tonight we sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candle and opened gifts...a new dinosaur to add to the collection. 
Happy birthday G, we love you!  

Here's to 7 years!

Yesterday (July 28) we celebrated our 7th anniversary!  These past seven years have been filled with just about everything and anything you could pack into the first years of marriage and parenting...and we look forward to many more years of it all! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Siesta Key Vacay

We just spent an awesome week in Siesta Key!  There is no doubt in our minds that our boys are beach boys!  After a long car ride we rolled into FL on Saturday morning and we hit the pool and the beach right away.  And that's pretty much how the rest of our vacation went...beach, lunch, pool, naps, dinner, beach and repeat!  Throw in some wave riding, kite flying, frisbee, football along with some ice cream and fireworks and we'll call that one heck of a wonderful family vacation!  And don't forget the sunsets and geckos.  Speaking of geckos...Declan caught one!  The boys loved spotting the geckos all over the place and one evening as we were walking to dinner Declan and Conall crept up close to one and he reached out and picked it up, I looked over as it was wriggling around and then it bit him!  He was more than excited about catching a gecko, after his finger started to feel better:)  Conall started to do jack knives into the pool and Galvan got his fill of sweet potato fries!