Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soccer week 2

Declan had his second week of soccer on Saturday morning, again it was so cold! Poor little guy had his soccer socks on his hands and dads hat on too. But he got his team soccer shirt and that made it all okay, he's #7 on the Breakers:) He did great this week! Practice for the first half went well, lots of good passing and he had so much fun playing the other team in their game. He's getting the hang of what's going on in this crazy game of soccer and we are having a blast watching him:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3 yrs +10 mos/ 22 mos

This week the boo's aged another month!  2 more month til we celebrate a 4th and 2nd birthday!  Planning is getting underway:)

Declan's Top 10
10.  Signing him for soccer and watching his first practice.
9.  He and dad picking out his cleats, shin guards and ball.
8.  Saying goodbye to his friend Charlie (he moved to MI).
7.  Coloring Easter eggs and decorating them.
6.  Making a calendar for him so he can count down the days of the month.
5.  Sitting through 3 hours of mass the night before Easter.
4.  Watching him have a blast and find a ton of eggs at the egg hunt.
3.  Reading to his brother and helping him learn new words.
2.  Seeing how excited he was that the Easter Bunny came.
1.  Laughing to myself as I am still finding plastic eggs that he hid.

Conall's Top 10
10.  Saying goodbye to his friend Ben (Charlie's little brother).
9.  Reading his new favorite book Yummy Yucky everyday before naptime.
8.  Finding eggs with him the egg hunt, he really just wanted the treats.
7.  Trying to keep him quiet through 3 hours of mass.
6.  Blowing bubbles in the backyard.
5.  Coloring and decorating Easter eggs.
4.  Adding "bubble" and "yellow" to his list of words.
3.  Seeing how excited he was that he had his own baskets of treats.
2.  Watching him mow with dad.
1.  Seeing him give big kisses and hugs to Declan and dad before bed.

Monday, April 16, 2012

soccer videos

Just a couple of videos from Declan's first day of soccer!

While I'm in the shower...

this is what goes on.

Before I hopped in the shower we were talking about how Conall will move into Declan's room and they would share a room when the new baby gets here, but I thought I made it clear we wouldn't do that for a few months, guess no one heard that part!  But how can you argue with "it was just a good idea"???
Oh these two.  And this one is from the other day.  They made a fort from the couch cushions...Declan told me that Conall did it, sure he did:)

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today was the first day of soccer for Declan and the beginning of many, many more days of us being on the sidelines cheering on and being proud of our kids!  He has been so excited to start soccer, awhile ago we picked out soccer shoes, shin gaurds, soccer socks and a ball, so he's been looking forward to this day for some time.  His buddy Luke from school is on his team and they had a lot of fun together.  It was a chilly morning for his practice, but he did great.  Today was just practice, next week they start having practice for the first 1/2 an hour and then they play another team for the second 1/2 an hour.  Next week they get their team shirts!

Dad and Declan before soccer practice.
Warming up with a goal!
Waiting patiently and listening to his coach.
Getting ready for a big kick!

Monday, April 9, 2012

happy easter

Happy Easter!  We hope you all had a blessed Easter day:)
We decided to attend Easter Vigil on Saturday so that our Sunday morning wouldn't be too busy with the Easter Bunny surprises and making brunch.  BC thought attending Holy Rosary (he's been once, I haven't) would be nice since it was an early service (4:30) and a beautiful formal 7 pm when we left church after communion we decided that wasn't the best idea!  The boy's did great for having to stay in a church pew for 2 1/2 hours! 

Here's Conall before we left...this is how he likes to "carry" his baby around, by the face!  Not a good sign for how he'll treat new boo!
 The boo's before we left, Declan likes to make silly faces while I take pictures:)
 Occasionally I'll get him before it gets too goofy!
 Getting a good family picture was a little tricky with Conall not wanting to smile and Declan making goofy's a couple that turned out pretty well though:)  Happy Easter from all of us O'Rourke's!

easter baskets

Easter morning the boys woke up bright and early and were so excited to find that the Easter Bunny had visited our house!  He left a note thanking them for their cool eggs and hid them too!  He even hid their Easter baskets...they had to follow clues to find them!  Declan was so good at the clues, Conall just followed his lead, but both were extremely happy with what the bunny had left for them:)
Finding eggs!
 Their baskets were in the closet!

Looking through their baskets:)

easter egg hunt

Saturday morning we headed over to Herron Morton Park for an Easter egg hunt!  The boys loved the bounce house, Conall more than Declan, he didn't want to get out even when the hunt was about to begin:) 

 Here's little Conall bear finding some eggs, he was pretty good at it until one came open and he realized there were treats inside!  Then all he wanted to do was eat them:)

 Declan showing off his eggs (you can't see them, but there's quite a few in there).  He loved looking for eggs, in fact after everyone had found eggs and had moved on to playing and jumping, Declan wanted to keep looking.  So he and I searched the park for hidden eggs...we found about 10 more!  He even found the "money egg"!  Inside was $5:)  He was pretty excited about that and put in his piggy bank when we got home.

coloring eggs

The boys had a lot of fun coloring eggs this year.  Declan picked out "super hero" stickers and masks for the eggs this year:)  Although a few of them cracked while they were dropping them in the color they turned out pretty good! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

blocks, blocks, blocks

Our boys love blocks, I mean, LOVE blocks.  They build, move, sometimes throw and stack blocks everyday.  I wish I knew how many calories I burn just picking up and stacking the blocks, I do it no less then 3 times a day!  Here's some of the many things they do with blocks:)
Conall using the big dump truck to haul some little wooden blocks.

All of the boys building a town in the kitchen (don't worry, I swept the floor earlier).

The fire station that Declan built.  See below for how it works!