Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 years down....

and many, many more to go! 
I think it's about as hot today as it was 4 years ago, who decided July would be a good month to have a wedding in Indiana?!  That hot, hot day was filled with friends, family and love.  I guess some things don't change:)  Happy Anniversary Papa, love you!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

happy strawberry dance

Conall, like his big brother, loves strawberries!  I can't open the fridge without him charging through, pointing and grunting for strawberries!  And yes, he does wear shorts during the day it's just when I change him he gets up before I can put them back on:)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

zukes and moes!

We finally have zucchini and red tomatoes!  We've had lots of peppers and have made some great salsa with them.  Our corn is almost ready to eat and having fresh basil is so wonderful:)  Thanks to Declan and Conall for always helping me water the garden!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

1 year +1 month

 Oh, Conall D!  You are one funny, clingy, curious little guy:)  Conall's day is much like Declan's, only it includes a nap!  He loves splashing and walking around in the pool, but he goes straight for the slide first!  He has no fear when it comes to the slide, he crawls right up the stairs and sits down at the top with a big grin on his face waiting for us to help him down.  Conall even started going underwater, he doesn't seem to mind it at all and his face is so funny when he comes back up:)  He mostly just looks at the fish in the fish tank at the library, but is starting to love pretzels as much as his big brother!  He's not really allowed near the garden...he either throws the dirt out, digs in it or eats it.  He's in the "I only want my mama" stage right now along with "don't put me down and do the dishes or take a shower because I'll scream the whole time" stage's lovely.  And hooray for tooth #7 that just popped in today:)  We love you boo 2, thanks for all grins and giggles:) 

3 years + 1 month

 Ahh, Declan B!  This past month has been filled with days at the pool, reading books, watering our garden and of course eating!  Declan spends most of the day in his swimmies playing at the pool.  Just yesterday he started to go underwater all by himself!  It was awesome to watch him get braver and more comfortable holding his breath and going under...he got a new pair of goggles today so he'll be able to see underwater now:)  Most days end with an ice cream cone, he even shares with Conall!  When we aren't at the pool, we head to the library to get points and prizes for the summer reading program.  His favorite books this summer are Curious George, Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco, and I'm Your Bus.   A soft pretzel from our favorite pretzel shop!  He's been a huge help in our garden, he's only sprayed me once while watering our tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, basil, corn and strawberries:)  We love you boo!  Thanks for all the laughs:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

life's a zoo

This morning we met up with Charlie and Ben (Meredith's two guys) and Mary and David (Laura's little ones) at the zoo!  It was a beautiful morning to be outside enjoy the animals...well, not the elephants though- Declan asked not to see them because they are too stinky because they poop a lot!  The three big kids had a blast running around toghether and us mama's and the little ones actually had a chance to talk:) 
Here's Mary, Declan and Charlie at the zebras.
 Declan heading to the giraffes:)
 Declan, Charlie and Mary.
 Dec and Charlie at the rhinos.
 How sweet is this?  Declan is sharing his pretzles with Charlie!  Mary's snacking on goldfish:)
 What do you guys see?
 Conall at the playground...he thinks he's bigger than what he is:)
 Dec, Ben and Charlie cooling off!
 Conall getting wet:)
 Mary, Dec and Ben...I love Dec's face in this picture!
 Conall, Ben, Mary and Declan:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hooray!  Conall knows and can do the sign for water! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the fourth

What a wonderful long 4th of July weekend we had!  We started off at G/G Butler's on Friday night with fireworks courtesy of Dalton and a great dinner:)  Saturday we went for golf cart rides, visited BC's cousins and our neighbors the Cone's.  A huge storm rolled in and we lost power for about 6 hours!  We thought for sure the fireworks on the lake would be canceled due the lightning, but they went off without us...there was no way we were going to be in the boat with lightning!  Sunday we went out on Wawasee with my sister, uncle Bill and Jake.  The boys had fun in the lake, but it was super hot!  We drove up to the island on Sylvan Lake later that afternoon to see G/G O'Rourke.  After a few hours of hanging out we headed to Ft. Wayne.  Monday we met up with uncle Andy and the girls at a splash pad/park.  The little guys had an awesome time!  We watched the fireworks late that night, there's nothing like the sound of fireworks:)  Tuesday we headed back home and hit up the pool!  It was so great to see our families, now we just need to get back into some sort of schedule!  Happy fourth!
Dalton setting off the big one!
A few of them were pretty loud:)
High fives for Dalton and Declan!
Getting ready for breakfast:)
On the boat...Dada has a good grip on Conall!
Big guy riding on the lake!
At the sandbar!
Swimming with Dada:)
"Fishing" on the island!
Conall checking out the island:)
On the floatie!
Declan wanted to be captain of the boat!
Mama and Conall:)
Erin and Declan on top of the cave!
Conall staying hydrated:)
Squirting Grandad with Emmie:)
Declan and Erin with their heads in the drums!
Declan cooling off!!