Wednesday, April 27, 2011

day at the museum

Since today was another yucky spring day, we headed off to the museum.  Delcan is really into the dinosaur exhibit these days.  Here he is digging for bones, he actually likes to wear the goggles!
 And here he is dressed as a dinosaur...roarrrr!
 Little Conall in the dinosaur egg nest (the costumes were to big for him, Declan really wanted him to dress up too!).
 We spent about an hour in Egypt today, Declan had so much fun making me coffee at the coffeehouse!
 Weighing produce in the market:)
 Stocking the shelves!
 Both the guys really liked playing in the Dora and Diego room today.  Here's Declan steering the ship!
 This was Conall's favorite thing to do!
 Looking out on the water:)
 Baby Jaguar, Conall and Diego!
 Watering some flowers.
 Planting some flowers.
 Watching the acorns go down the ramps:)
 Off to explore!
 Oops, this was from Egypt, sorry about your face Pharaoh!

Oh, and some guy asked how old my little girl was ( he had already asked about Conall ), I told him my son would be three in June and he goes "He has long hair.", yes, we know this and we love it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning

 Happy Easter from all of us!  We hope you all have a had a happy and blessed day.  After all the excitement of the Easter Bunny had faded a bit, we sat down for breakfast (egg and sausage strata, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and orange juice) before getting ready for church.  We think it was a beautiful mass, we aren't for sure because we were one of the many families that didn't get there early enough and had to stand outside in the entrance!  I wish the weather was nicer so we could spend the afternoon outside, but being inside with my three handsome guys on this wonderful day isn't too bad!

Happy Easter!

This morning when Declan came down stairs (Conall was still sleeping) we found a note from the Easter Bunny!  He left clues for Declan to find his and Conall's Easter baskets:)  First to the fridge where the cheese is, then to the toy box and finally to the bathtub where they were hiding!  Declan's was filled with treats, goldfish, a new toothbrush and Candy Land!  Conall's had treats (not for him to eat though!), goldfish, and a new book!  Thank you Easter Bunny! 
 Here's Declan peeking in Conall's basket, while eating a chocolate bunny!
 More treats!
 Learning how to play Candy Land:)
 Conall checking out his basket!
 Treats, treats, treats!
 It's a happy day!
How sweet is this?!  Declan bringing Conall his Easter basket:)

egg prep

It took a couple of nights, but we were able to make some pretty awesome Easter eggs! First we colored them and then we stuck lots of stickers on them:) We think the Easter Bunny liked them! Conall was sleeping during "egg time", next year he'll be in the mix:)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This morning was our neighborhood egg hunt and Declan found about 15 eggs, which really means he found about 15 treats!  Conall found a really nice pink one, but his treat went straight to dada:)  Turned out to be a beautiful morning filled with plastic eggs, swinging, bouncing in the bounce house and even some orange juice (you'll notice it all over Declan's shirt, not much got into his mouth).  After asking for more eggs, dada pointed out one up high on the fence and Declan said "I need that."!  Of course you do, buddy:)  
 Bounce house!
 Dada and Conall:)
 Listening to instructions...ready, set, go!
 Finding eggs!
 Conall's pink egg!
 Looking for more.
 Mama and Conall:)
 Sorting treats!
 I love the way he sorted out his eggs on one side and the treats on the other side:) 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr. EB

Look who we found hopping around the kids shoe department at Nordstrom today...the Easter Bunny!  Declan was excited to see him, mostly because he got to pick out a treat from his basket:)  But Conall wanted nothing to do with him, nothing at all! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

more steps

Some more little steps from our growing little guy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

lizzy's 3!

Yesterday we helped Lizzy celebrate her 3rd birthday! She had her birthday party at Ritchey Woods with hot dogs, smore's and nature hike to the swamp to fish for gross little things:) Declan and Conall had an awesome time and we enjoyed the smore's they didn't eat! Happy 3 years to Lizzy!
Roasting a hot dog with dad (he didn't even eat it!)
 Sitting with the birthday girl:)
 Going on our nature hike!
 Getting ready to fish in the swamp!
 Scooping up some gunk:)
 Conall on the way back to the party!
 Lizzy making a wish!
 Eating cake:)
 Hold on tight little buddy!
 Making some smore's!
 Conall and mama:)
Heading home with a green balloon!