Friday, June 29, 2012

UE alum night

Tuesday night we had the Stahl's over for dinner before heading to the Indian's game for a University of Evansville Alumni event...BC and Matt are both Purple Aces:)  The adults had a lot of fun catching up, but I'm pretty sure the kids had the most fun!  Especially Aubree and Declan:)
 This is how they walked to the stadium!
 Conall got in on the action, but Blake skipped out.
 This is how they "watched" most of the game...running and playing around in the grass!
Here they did see a bit of the action with Lucy:)
Conall bear running around.

Monday, June 25, 2012

bunk brothers

We did it, we took the plunge and bought the boys bunk buds!  They are now sharing a room:)  It hasn't been a week yet, but so far it has gone pretty well.  No one has jumped off or fallen out!  It's been a big transition for both of them, but Conall has had the biggest change going from the comfort of his crib to a new room and a big bed.  Nap time has been a bit tricky, he tends to play for about 45 minutes before falling asleep on the floor!  I'm hoping he'll figure out his bed is way more comfy!  But for now they're doing well and seem to be happy about being together, which we love!  And it is so fun to peek in on both of them at night:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Splish splash, birthday bash!

This past Saturday we celebrated Declan's 4th birthday and Conall's 2nd birthday with a double birthday party at the pool!  There was lots of swimming, splashing, pizza and cupcakes!  Thank you, thank you to all who came and we missed all of you who couldn't make it.  The boo's had a blast...happy birthday!
Swimming with his buddy Jack.

 Cousins Dalton and Kenzie:)
Conall eating fruit, of course!
 Ready to make a wish!
 Testing out the frosting!
 Spider Man cupcakes!
 Mama with her boo's!
 Silly Conall!
All 4 and half of us!

Happy Dad's Day!

Along with 2 birthdays we also celebrated Dad's Day!  We let dad sleep in and made him waffles and sausage for breakfast.  The boy's were really excited to give him his gift (not so much the new clothes, but the picture they took for him).  They thought it was really fun to dress up like dad, Declan picked out his own shirt and tie for "work dad" and Conall got his running shoes for "running dad"!  After church and a nap we hit up the pool for splashing and swimming:)  Happy Fathers Day...we love you!  And Happy Fathers Day to Grandad and Pop pop too! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy 2nd birthday boo 2!

Conall Bear is 2!
Check out this little grumpy bear....he's 2 years old!  What an awesome little guy he is:)  He has a laugh that is unmatched, it comes right from his little belly and when he laughs, he means it!  And dimples just like his big brother.  We're not sure how he's going to adjust to the new baby, but he's an awesome little brother so we think that will carry over to being a big brother too.  Conall loves to be outside, playing with his mower, riding his bike, digging, reading big guy picture books and building with blocks.  His favorite things to eat are strawberries, yogurt, wheat thins, french toast, waffles, grapes and peanut butter (especially right out of the jar!).  We love you Conall D and can't wait to watch you grow this year, we are so blessed to have you!  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy 4th birthday Boo!

Declan is 4!
Look at this guy....4 years old!  We can't believe that we have been blessed to be his mama and dad for 4 years now, what amazing time we have shared with Declan.  He makes us laugh and smile everyday, his heart is so kind and he is so thoughtful.  His little mind is wanting to learn new things and he never seems to surprise us with the questions he asks:)  He is really into Spider Man, Berenstain books, soccer, swimming at the pool, coloring, writing, building with blocks and riding his bike.  Spaghetti noodles with Parmesan, carrots, ice cream, strawberries and wheat thins are his favorite foods.  He's really, really hoping new boo is a sister and is a wonderful big brother to Conall.  We love you boo and can not wait to see what this next year will bring!

Monday, June 11, 2012


This past weekend we went down to Clifty Falls State Park for some camping!  Our friends Jim and Jess Allen and their two boys Cooper and Sam joined us (they only stayed the first night as Cooper got sick, but we sure did have a fun time with them).  We hiked, made s'mores, went swimming, rode bikes and just was so wonderful!  The boo's had fun helping put up the tent, sleeping in their "camping bags" and looking for wildlife...we saw a few racoons (one even took our marshmallows!), deer, wild turkey and lots of birds.  The weather was beautiful and there were no bugs!   
Here's the guys setting up the tent.
Conall took a break after awhile:)
 Conall riding his bike.
 Declan and dad riding around, Declan is getting pretty good:)
 Making s'mores the first night with Cooper (he's asleep) and Sam!
 This is how Conall eats his marshmallows!
 Delcan loved roasting marshmallows!
 Conall was the last one to fall asleep (around 11 pm) and the first one to wake 6 am!!
 Ready for our first hike in Clifty Falls!  They did great on the trails and Conall can now say "steep"...we must have told a hundred times that we had to be careful because it was steep!
Conall holding up the big rock wall.
 Down by the water:)
 The guys checking out the water bed and fallen trees.
 Getting a good look from up on a bridge.
Chillin' out with some with a snack:)
 Conall taking a turn at making s'mores!
 Off for our second hike...Declan really liked hiking.
 Conall really liked it because he didn't have to walk much!
 All of us on our last morning in Clifty Falls!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

new boo 30 weeks

30 weeks along!  We had a great doctors appointment today...gained a couple of pounds in the last month, but have room to grow she said:)  New Boo's heartbeat sounded so wonderful!  Our next appointment is in 2 weeks, I can't believe how fast this last trimester is going.  Time to start getting out the little clothes and bassinet!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

soccer week 7

This morning was Declan's last soccer game, he has done so well and we are so proud of him!  He's had a blast and even though the snack at the end may be his favorite part we think he'll enjoy this sport for many years:)  He had an awesome goal today too! 
 Ready to go!
 Putting on cleats for the big game:)
 Warming up!
 Go Declan, Go!
Getting a little coaching from dad:)


No, not us, there's just one little new boo in there, but our cousin Sarah has 2 new little girls!  Isabella and Elaina...they are so sweet and little:)  The boy's were so good with them and Conall reacted so much better than we thought he would while I held them.  The twins are just 3 weeks old and adorable times two!
 Isabella and Elaina
 Declan holding Isabella:)
 Little Elaina
 The boy's checking out Elaina
Conall "holding" Isabella:)