Friday, December 20, 2013

Conall's Preschool Christmas

 Conall had a busy week at preschool this week.  Tuesday his class had a book exchange.  He brought in Brian the Smelly Bear and came with Bug 'Em.  It was fun to see all the kids pass around books and open them:)
 Thursday Santa came to visit his school!  He told stories and sang songs to all the kids.  Conall seemed to really enjoy him:)  His class also had a pizza party afterwards.  Galvan even got some too!

Declan's first Christmas Program

 Declan performed in his first (of many more to come) Christmas Program!  All of the Kindergartners were shepherds and we think ours was the most handsome!  He did a fantastic job, but asked that next time he dressed up as a shepherd that I put a towel on his head!

Monday, December 16, 2013

letters to santa and gingerbread houses

We braved the cold and went downtown to mail the boys Christmas lists to Santa!  It was freezing, but the letters are in the mailbox!

 Last weekend I took the 2 big boys to the school to make gingerbread houses.  Surprisingly, more candy ended up on the houses than in their mouths!  Both houses turned out great!

 Declan's house is on top and Conall's house is on the bottom:)

Friday, December 13, 2013


 Last week we went downtown to the Hilbert Theatre for Yuletide Celebration.
The boys had a wonderful time, they loved getting balloons (a candy cane for Conall and a snowman for Declan), tons of sweets, face painting and of course seeing Santa!  Declan was so excited!  Conall wasn't hesitant at all this year:)
(Poor little Galvan stayed home since it was a late night and sitting watching a performance is not his thing right now).  We all enjoyed the music from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and the singing and dancing were fantastic!   


Christmas tree

The two big boys helped decorate the tree while Galvan took a nap.
They did a really great job and all ornaments far!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

friendship celebration

 For Thanksgiving Conall's class had a Friendship Celebration.  The made headdresses and friendship necklaces.  After sorting M & M's they did a little pow wow dance and traded their friendship necklaces:)  Then they had a Thanksgiving snack of popcorn, cranberries and pumpkin bread!

Conall chose to have a bear by his handprint, it means strength:)