Wednesday, November 20, 2013

our guys

Just a couple of pictures of our guys doing their thing:)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

shoe sheriff

Have a shoe that needs to be tied? 
Shoe Sheriff Declan is the man for the job!
 His teacher told them that there would be a new job in class...Shoe Sheriff...and if you can successfully tie shoes you will get a badge with your name on it to put up in the class and will be able to assist those friends who can not tie their shoes.  He told us this on a Monday and on Tuesday night he had mastered shoe tying:)  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ND game

 Yep, the O'Rourke's were in South Bend!  BC and I went to the ND/Navy game last weekend (the tickets were part of his birthday gift) and even though we got drenched before the game, we had a great time!  It was chilly, but campus was beautiful:)  I may have even cheered for the Irish at one point!  It was close 34-30 win, we stuck with them through the end!  I was not impressed with their cheerleaders, but BC told me I would be if they took a test:)

 Here's the view inside the dome. 
 Here come the Irish!
 Our good old buddy Dean Huppert from Fox Sports:)
 My handsome (and super cold) husband and I at the game:) 
I'll go ahead and type it....Gooooo  Irish!!


 We kicked off the Halloween season with a Kindergarten Parent Fundraising Costume Party...we were Jack and Jill After the Hill!
Then it was on to carving pumpkins!  Declan actually got his hands inside all the guts this year!  He collected all the pumpkin seeds he could and we roasted them...he ate 6, which is 6 more than I thought he would eat!  Conall chose a ghost for his pumpkin, Declan a spooky face and poor little Galvan had a silly face but the saw broke before we could carve it!  He didn't seem to mind though:)  I have no idea why he isn't wearing pants and Conall only has on one sock in the picture of them outside, that's just the way they's amazing that Declan has a shirt on!

 Conall had a Halloween party at school that Galvan and I attended.  Lots of games, yummy cookies (G had 2) and cauldron of brains (green cooked macaroni)! 

 And here's our boo's on Halloween night (really November 1st since the city changed it due to the weather). 
One brave fireman, a cute train conductor and one tough SWAT officer!
The boys had a ton of fun trick or treating and are still eating their treats!

 Happy Halloween from the O'Rourke's!