Tuesday, January 29, 2013

6 months

Galvan C is 6 months old!  Half way to one year already?!  Aaahhhh!
He has had a busy month of rolling over (both ways now), sitting up (still with a little help), spinning around like clock hands on his tummy, swimming and hanging out with his big brothers!  He loves his exersaucer and making it rock.  His first little tooth (lower right) has started to pop through, so he's been chewing on teethers more and not sleeping quite as well, but still better than his brothers did!  He has his 6 month well visit in a week or so and I'll update his stats then.  For now we're just going to keep enjoying his super grin, little laugh and chubby legs!  We love you new boo!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2 yrs + 7 months

 Just 5 short months away from being 3 years old!  Aaahhh!
I can't even imagine what it's going to be like:)
Conall D is just too much for us some days...his laugh and smile are his saving grace because this little guy is trouble, but we couldn't love him more!  If he isn't zooming his trucks across the house, building blocks or playing with trains then he's making his little brother laugh or making his big brother upset in one way or another!  He's finally starting to eat pasta, but will always eat pancakes:)  He no longer takes naps, unless he randomly falls asleep on the couch.  He really has grown fond of Galvan as you can see below.  We love you boo 2, keep growing and laughing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 yrs + 7 months

Our Declan B is even closer to being 5! 
He is so happy to be back in school after a wonderful Christmas break.  He's been busy working in his work books, painting and playing with his race car.  He got a hair cut (you can tell from the top and bottom pictures), it took us 2 times for them to get it right!  He is so self sufficient right now, combing out his own hair, zipping up his coat and buckling himself in.  Declan is still a bottomless pit, he eats more than I do at dinner!  He is full of the best questions and my goodness is he funny....the other day he told me he didn't like black beans, I asked him if he liked green beans or lima beans...no, no..."but wait mama, I do like one kind of beans, jelly beans!".  Here he is hanging up his bird feeders that he made at school this week:)  We love boo!

Monday, January 7, 2013

igloo and a snowman

 Here's the awesome igloo that the 2 big boys and dad built a few days ago!
They all worked so hard on it, making a big pile of snow and digging it out.
If you look close you can see their little snow boots:)
 Peeking out!

And here's a look at the boys before heading out to build a snowman!
Yes, he is wearing an awesome Purdue hat, BC had been wearing it while they built him and thought it would look cool on the snowman!)  His carrot nose got snatched by a squirrel, along with his raisin mouth and grape eyes shortly after.