Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poopie is so funny....

according to our littlest one!
We love them, even when they're gross!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boo 2 is 4!

Conall is 4 years old!  Wow, the past four years have been full of grumpiness, laughter, smiles, hugs and questions:)  Conall is such a little ball of fun and orneriness.  He is the best little brother and such an amazing big brother, he fits so perfectly in the middle of them.  He loves to ride his bike, help dad in the yard and smile:)  He loved his first year of preschool and is excited to be in 4/5's next year.  He's made some great friends and has had so much fun playing soccer with them.  We couldn't be more proud of the 4 year old he has grown into and we look forward to watching him as he continues too.  We love, love, love you Conall bear!
 Everyone loved the chocolate cupcakes!

Monday, June 16, 2014

our boo is 6!

Six years old!  What an amazing, wonderful, fun, loved filled 6 years it has been being this guys mom and dad.  Declan is such a smart, talented, funny kid.  He has such a kind heart and big love for his brothers, friends and family.  He makes us proud, laugh, smile and remember how blessed we are everyday.  He had such a great first year of kindergarten, with first grade beginning in a couple of months we can't wait to see how much he'll grow.  His love of basketball and math is so admirable, but it's smile and sweet words that we just can't get enough of and never will.  We love you boo, so, so much!
 Getting ready to blow out the #6 candle on his giant birthday cookie!
 Little brothers waiting for some cookie!
 Taking a jump off the high dive.
 Yep, this guy is 6 years old!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

big kickers

 Here's our little soccer guy Conall representing the Lightning Limes!
 We are in the thick of soccer season...4 games a week between the two of them!  Both are doing awesome, but on such different levels:) It's been fun cheering them on...Galvan enjoys the swings during the games, thank goodness for the playset.
 And the veteran Declan representing the Scorpions!

Friday, June 6, 2014

School is out!

Our two big boo's are on summer vacation!  Next fall we will have a 1st grader, a 4 year old in the 4/5 preschool class and a 2 year old in Mom's Day Out!