Monday, May 18, 2015

Mama's Day 2015

What a wonderful Mother's Day!  It got started early with Mothers Tea with Conall at his school.  He made me a beautiful bracelet, a candle holder and handprint stone:)  He and his class sang us songs and we ate yummy fruit and cake!  BC grilled out Saturday night and he and the boys made me breakfast on Sunday!  The boys each picked out their own gifts for me...Galvan gave me beautiful yellow flowers (that will never wilt away!), Conall picked out a jar and filled it with Twizzlers and Declan found a puppy that looks just like my Brigsby!  That afternoon we went down to Garfield Park (Conall's idea) and then to dinner at La Margarita (Declan's idea).  Thank you for such a thoughtful day family:)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Last weekend...

Wow, did we have a busy weekend!  Delaney was in Indy for softball tournament (which they ended up winning!), BC ran the mini (sorry, no sweaty Papa pictures), Conall had a soccer game, Declan had a soccer game, Conall had a birthday party and we drove to Ft. Wayne for Emmie's First Holy Communion!  Here's a few pictures that we managed to capture during the craziness!