Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunday morning the boo's and I met up with one of my best old friends, Scherrie, and my parents for breakfast at our favorite Good Morning Mama's.  Scherrie was in from Chicago for the Colts game.  We met our freshman year of college as little owls at Chi Omega.  We were roomies, twins and best of friends:)  We went to Las Vegas with my parents once, we were both under age, but thanks to some older girls we weren't while we were there!  As always, it was so nice to reminisce and catch up:)
 Declan stayed busy between eating blueberry pancakes by playing with stickers and sticking them on Pop pop!
 Good thing he doesn't mind:)  Conall was there too, but he sat with me the whole time, he wasn't in the mood for pictures!

Monday, September 26, 2011

3 to the 3

Happy birthday Papa!  Saturday BC turned one year older and he celebrated by running a half marathon:)  We wish him a happy year filled with lots of love, laughter and hugs!  We love you dad dad:)
 Opening his cards and present from the boo's:)
  A new atlas book!  For all the places he's going to take us!


While we were in Fort Wayne for the race the boo's got to spend a lot of time playing with their cousins.  They all played so well together and were so tired at the end of the day.  It was so much fun to watch them all together.
 Caitlin driving the Jeep:)
 Erin swinging!
 Emily (she turns 5 tomorrow!)
 Conall D!
 Declan B!
The newest little O'Rourke...Cohen:)
 For Emmie's birthday we found a Tangled (Rapunzel) wig for her...she loves Tangled and looked just like her all dressed up!  Big sister Kylie is watching:)

Run, run, run!

Saturday BC, his youngest brother Seamus, his running buddy Craig and Ciera (Craig's girlfriend) all ran the Fort 4 Fun half marathon!  They all finished with great times, this was BC's third race he beat his last time by almost 2 minutes.  This race was also a little competition between BC and Seamus, biggest brother against littlest (but taller) brother, with a 6 year age difference Seamus out ran BC with a time of 1:38:17, BC was right behind him at 1:40:53 :)   

 Conall and Declan waiting for uncle Seamus and dad to finish!
 Seamus crossing the finish line...he's the one without a shirt on!
 Go Papa! 
The boo's with dad and uncle Seamus:)
All of us after the race!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

15 months

Ahh, Conall D, you little guy you!  Conall is such a serious, inquisitive and wondrous little bear.  He's always watching, taking in as much as he can and imitating almost everything.  He's Declan's little shadow, doing everything Declan does, well almost...he can't stay at school and really, really wants to!  He loves puppies, fruit and yogurt, brushing his teeth and taking baths:)  He is signing for more, please, thank you, bird, helicopter, airplane, puppy, cheese and water.  He's added duck and quack to his vocabulary and peanut butter sandwiches to his diet!  He still won't try noodles or pasta, but there's not a fruit he won't try!  He's been teething the past week and it is awful!  I think 4 are trying to break through...no fun at all for him or us:)  Conall has picked almost all of the green tomatoes out of the garden, he likes to put them in buckets or just carry them around.  He's learned to climb up on the benches and chairs at the table, our bed and the couch...thank goodness he knows how to climb down!  Conall you're an awesome little boo 2 and we love, love, love you:)

Friday, September 16, 2011

3 years + 3 months

Our Declan B has had a very busy month!  At our last day at the pool he went down the big slide in the big pool...it really is the big guy slide!  Dad climbed up behind him, helped him sit down, gave him some last minute encouragement and down he came to me...it wasn't the smoothest of rides, but he did it and it was awesome:)  He's been in preschool for two weeks now and doing so well.  He really likes his new teachers and talks about new friends.  This past week they learned about the letter F, so we've been talking about everything that starts with F or sounds like F!  There's a lot of construction going on around downtown, which makes our car trips so much fun...he loves trucks!  He's started to really understand opposites, which is cool.  He counts everything and can recognize numbers so well.  We've been enjoying lots of time outside in the backyard, on walks and at the park.  Eating may be his favorite thing, next to Curious George and reading books before bed.  He continues to make us laugh and smile everyday, our boo is one amazing little guy...we love, love, love you!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Cousin

Welcome Cohen Carrol O'Rourke!  The boo's new little cousin joins big sisters Kylie, Emily, Erin and Caitlin.  He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches...congrats Andy and Kori!

Friday, September 9, 2011

how do you like them apples?

It really seems like fall around here weather wise, so we went ahead and picked apples!  We found Tuttle's Orchard last year and had so much fun, along with so much apple crisp, apple pancakes, apple bread and everything else apple that we went back for more!  An apple crisp is in the works right now...just for dad dad:)  Geez, I really wish I had the Rotato, you know the one from As Seen On TV, that peeled potatoes and apples that my dad bought once!  Check out our first trip from last year.
Here's the boo's ready to go pick some apples:)
 C'mon little brother!
 Conall found a good one!
 Pick an apple, put it in the basket!
 Mama and her boo's:)
 Mmm, mmm good!
 Taking a ride!
 Who knew picking 18 pounds of apples would make these little guys so sleepy?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of preschool!

Today was Declan's first day of preschool!  He's in the 3/4's class with Mrs. Copple and Mrs. Christoff, last week we went to his open house to meet his teachers and see his classroom.  He was pretty excited to go to school this morning, his classroom is right across the hall from where he was last year at Mom's Day Out ("school"), so he was really comfortable walking in.  He gave Conall and me a hug and kiss before heading to get his name tag with Mrs. Copple:)  He had a great big smile on his little face at pick up and told me he had animal cookies for snack, met two friends (Luke and Carly) and liked playing with the back hoe...his teacher made the comment that he seemed really interested in trucks and even found a truck book today!  He's off to an awesome start and is already excited that he gets to wear his Curious George shirt on Thursday!
Here's Conall and Declan before heading off school:)
 Out by the sign!
Hanging up his tote bag, it took him three different times to find the hook he wanted:)
 Getting his name tag with his teachers.
 I poked my camera through the crack of the door to see him playing with trucks:) 

pool time

Last Saturday was a high of 100 degrees and I'm thinking it might have been our last day at the pool as it was 53 degrees when we went outside this morning!  Boo!  Here's a little look at our guys enjoying the hot day in the cool pool:)  
Dad and Dec chillin'
 Declan jumping in, coming up and swimming to the ladder...thanks dad for teaching Declan to be so comfortable in the water:)
 Swimming over to dad:)
 Conall D watching big brother!
 Dad and little Conall Bear:)
 Declan finally figured out that it is fun to go down the slide, just two days earlier!
 Conall has loved the slide all summer:)