Monday, January 20, 2014

ski buddies

BC took the boys skiing this weekend and they're naturals!  They both picked it up easily...BC held onto Conall a few times down, but then Conall told him "let go" and didn't need him the rest of the (except to help him up when he fell)!  They lasted pretty much all day, after some lunch they were back at it!  Declan and Conall had so much fun (as did BC), but fell asleep after 5 minutes in the car:)  Galvan and I stayed home this trip, but we're hoping we can go on the next one!  Way to go BC teaching our boys how to ski!
 Up the tow!
 Pretzel lunch!
Our ski buddies:)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mother Nature is not a mama

...because if she were, she would not have dumped 12 inches of snow and gave us subzero temperatures the week the boys were supposed to go back to school!  BC even had to stay home an extra day from work!
Here's a look at some of the stuff we did while snowed in:)
 Watched the snow fall:)
 Dad shoveling snow onto Declan!
 Conall helping dad shovel.
 All the guys in the snow:)  Galvan is unhappy because he wants his mittens off!
 Had a rock sounded awesome!
 Mr. Independent learned how to use a fork really well:)
 We made Peanut Butter Playdough...didn't look great, but tasted yummy!
 Delcan's snowmen in a sleigh!
 Conall's Ninja Turtle swords!
 Hanging out, playing drums together.
All three watching a movie:)

Friday, January 17, 2014

our christmas

What a magnificent holiday we had!  After Christmas Eve mass we headed home for a wonderful dinner, followed by putting cookies and milk out for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer.  The boys even had time for a bit of Home Alone before it was bedtime.  BC and I enjoyed Love Actually before we went to bed.  Declan came in a little after 7 am to wake us all up for Christmas morning!  It was one awesome morning!  Conall was so excited about Santa bringing him a big blue bike, Declan loves his new camera and Galvan's new hat is getting some serious use!  The boys all loved their stocking stuffers...mostly the chocolate and fruit snacks...Galvan ate all of his chocolate while opening gifts:)
Spiderman, Batman and Superman now all belong to the boys as do new Tag reader books, colored pencils, scissors, clothes, a vacuum cleaner and much more cool stuff!  The boys picked out a new charm for my bracelet (this is my favorite gift each year!)  It was such a fun year watching the boys open gifts, show them off and genuinely be thankful and so excited!  

Yes, that's a new vacuum behind me...Galvan's is much more fun than mine!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas with the families

What an amazing Christmastime we all had this year.  We celebrated a little early with the O'Rourke's (all the boys and their ladies and all the cousins were in attendance).  Our boys had a blast with everyone, as did we:)  The boys opened new bean bag chairs, jammies and trucks!  This year we all went in to surprise Brian & Terri with a didn't start out with the end product, but we hope they enjoy's a kegerator!

 We had them open the handle first, but they didn't quite get the guys brought it in!!
 We headed up to the Butler's where we again celebrated with all of us kids and cousins (except Hannah, we missed her!).  After an Italian dinner the boys opened some awesome headphones, dinosaurs and Ninja Turtle stuff!  We played the annual Christmas Bucks game and a little ping pong too! 

Thank you to both of our families for such a wonderful holiday, we are so blessed to have you!