Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yes, boy-icure is a made up word, but I didn't want to say manicure because he's just a little boy and manicures are for girls according to my husband! So this is how we keep his nails looking so spiffy:)


susie.butler said...

He will appreciate this pic when he is in his prime ! Pretty creative with the name. I just can't believe he is growing so fast. But I can't believe Hannah is in college and Dalton is driving either.

darcy said...

Hey.. boy-icured fingernails help with no scratches on his face. You are a A+ mom for sparing him the ouchies. Yep.

L. said...

Hi Shiloh! Declan is getting so big...he's such a cutie. Do you use the clippers and then file? I haven't been filing Riley's nails, and even after I trim she still manages to scratch herself. I think I need to step it up. (By the way, I cancelled the Edgerton blog but still have the one at Bake While Baby Sleeps.)

The Haughs said...

Aww. . . he looks so sweet! And so grown up! Can you come fix our kids up? :) Nate has NEVER trimmed, clipped, filed, etc. . . ANY of the kids' fingernails or toenails! (Um, Isaac is almost 4 years old. . . ) It isn't a fun event at our house. Olivia hates it! :) Anyway, he's a cutie, Shiloh!