Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 yrs + 1 month

Oh Conall D...he is embracing being 2!  "I do, I do" or "me, me, me" is what we're hearing a lot of these days!  This little bear is so independent, don't even try to help him put toothpaste on his toothbrush or open/close a door.  Yet he still wants to sit and eat on my lap (which is getting quite difficult with new boo growing).  Last week he went down the slide in the little pool by himself, I normally stand at the end to catch him, but "I do" wanted no part of it.  The first time was a face plant, but the next two times he stood right up:)  He's liking Declan sitting in back of the car because he now sits where Declan did!  He's doing decent in his big guy bed.  Naptime is much easier than bedtime.  He'll roll around, jump, laugh, cry for me for about an hour before he finally falls asleep at almost 10!  Last night BC and I both sat in there and really wished we would have counted how many times he said mama, it had to be in thousands!  I still have mixed feelings about how he'll react to new boo, but we'll soon find out.  We love you Boo 2!

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