Wednesday, October 17, 2012

4 yrs + 4 months and 2 yrs +4 months

Well the 2 biggest O'Rourke brothers have had a busy, fun month!  Lots of trips to the park and library, celebrating dad's birthday, a football game, soccer games and they even went roller skating at their cousin Delaney's birthday party! 
Declan has been so busy with soccer, he has 2 games a week!  He really likes to play goalie, but does so great on offense:)  At school he and his classmates performed a circus, went on a nature walk and disected owl pellets! 
Conall has been to story time (although he doesn't really pay attention to the librarian), the farmers market and has been practicing riding his bike...he's getting quite good:) 
We love you boo and boo 2!!

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