Tuesday, April 30, 2013

9 months

We can't hardly believe this chunky guy is 9 months old already!  Oh boy has changed this past month...he now sports 6 teeth!  Four on top and two on bottom:)  He's so, so close to crawling, like it will probably happen tonight!  But he's really good at backing himself into a corner or under a couch.  Got to get the gates out.  He's also rockin' an awesome natural mohawk:)  He loves Cheerios's, puffs and now waffles...yep, he's following true boo form and eating waffles (thank goodness Costco has the big box!).  He is the happiest little guy when he wakes, just so excited to be picked up, although the other day I came in and he was attempting to pull himself on his crib!  His big brothers are so good to him and he loves them too:)  Bath time might be his favorite time, besides eating of course.  We can't wait to start taking him on bike rides and to the pool.  He's in for one fun summer.  I'm pretty sure "dada" will be his first word, he's making lots of d sounds:)  His 9 month check up is in a few days so I'll update his weight and height then.  For now we're just enjoying new boo and all the smiles:)  Love you!

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