Monday, July 29, 2013

one year old

 New boo is 1! 
My goodness has this past year gone by too quickly.  Galvan is an amazing little guy, he completes our family to the fullest, we couldn't have imagined how lucky we'd be to have him as our littlest dude.  He takes the cake as the best little brother:)  He loves his big brothers so much and no one can make him smile and laugh like they do.  G is by far the chilliest of the three, but couldn't be more like them in all the other ways!  He's a great eater, sleeps way better (although that's no saying too much) and has the same awesome belly laugh.  He's so, so close to walking.  He's started to take steps on his own, but prefers to hang on to one of our fingers.  We love to hear him say "da da" and "ma ma".  He's been loving the pool too, which is great because we're there all the time:)  We'll celebrate tonight with his first taste of cake! 
Happy, happy birthday new boo, we love you!

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