Friday, August 16, 2013

the first day of kindergarten!

What a big, exciting, emotional (mainly for me), awesome, fun day today was!
We were all up bright and early for Declan's first day of kindergarten!  He has been looking forward to this day for so long.  We've had his uniform, back pack and supplies ready for some time now and he found out on Monday who was in his class and that he had Mrs. Swanson for his teacher.  His best buddy Jack is in his class:)  As we were driving there this morning (it's about 15 minutes) he said he wished we lived closer so he could walk...he was even getting antsy that we had to find a place to park during car pool, but as he was walking up with dad he got a bit quiet when he saw all of the kids and his little nerves set in a bit.  But after his buddies got there he eased up and had fun before getting in line to walk in.  I think he had the most fun seeing what back pack everyone had!  He was a little nervous when they were about to head in, but his other buddy Joey was there to help him out:)  Declan did not see me cry as I waited until I got home and started looking at pictures (and started to miss him too...kindergarten is a long day!).  But when I hugged him big at pick up and saw his happy face I knew he had a great first day and that he's going to love school!  As much as we can't believe he's in kindergarten, we are so proud of him and know he's in a wonderful place:)
 Our three them!
 Walking in to find the kindergarten lines:)
 Buddies!  Zyon, Declan, Joey, Anthony (the twins), Jack, Zach and Tatum
 Best buddies...Jack and Declan
All lined up and ready to go!

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JT said...

Adorable. Can't believe how old they all are already!