Saturday, October 4, 2014

kicks and headers

Declan and Conall have only 3 weeks left of soccer!  They have both played well this season...Conall has shown a little more aggressiveness (maybe just a tiny bit, but it still counts) and has come so close to scoring.  Declan has held his own in the older league, you can tell him he's 2 years younger and 2 head shorter than most of the players, but I doubt it would matter...he gets in there so much!  He's had about a handful of "headers" and is quite proud of them:)  Here's a few pictures of the Grape Crush and team Mexico.
 He's getting in there!

 He and his buddy Will:)
 Right in the middle of it.

 Look at him take on that big kid!
 And this right after the header!

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