Friday, July 31, 2015

New Boo is 3!

This little guy is 3 and uses the potty!
I'm not sure I really believe either of those facts, but that's where we are!  This bossy baby is now a bossy boy!  When he's not screaming or yelling he loves to be outside playing/jumping/digging with his brothers, building "construction sites" and forts, dressing up like a fireman, swimming and jumping in the pool, packing for "trips to Florida" with Conall and snuggling with Declan for a good show.  He's by far our best eater...he will try anything and usually loves it.  He now shares a room with Conall and sleeps in a big guy bed on the bottom bunk!  He is such a mix of smiles, laughs, screams, hugs, kisses, shouts and grumpiness...all rolled up into our Galvan Christopher.  Happy 3rd Birthday buddy, we love, love, love you!

 Happy birthday song from Yaya and Pop Pop!

 Birthday card from Great Grandma O'Rourke!
He picked pizza for his birthday dinner and cookie cake for dessert!


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