Monday, January 19, 2009

Children's Museum

Declan and I took our first trip to the Children's Museum today. It was free admission for MLK Day so we stopped by to check it out (not the best day to go...long lines for parking and too many people). We went to the Comic Book Hero exhibit, Dragons Unearthed and Playscape, which was my favorite (they have a really cool water table).
Next time we go I hope it won't be as busy because the Dinosaur exhibit looked really cool and we want dad to go with us too!! Here's Declan with the Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer.

And here he is playing in the garden at Playscape. Of course he tries to eat the potato!!

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The Haughs said...

They have free nights once a month - I think it is the first Thursday of the month. Just an FYI. We have a membership now because we have to pay for the kids, so it is worth it to get a membership. We love to go there. I highly recommend a membership, especially after your little guy has to pay to get in. :) Glad you had fun.