Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, I love my husband!

I met BC almost 6 years ago and have been doing his laundry for almost 5 years now (not that I mind, it's just how we work). So yesterday I was doing laundry and had a load of whites sitting on the bed to put in the washer, but I got busy so they were still there at the end of the day. BC and I gave Declan a bath and got him all ready for bed, I stayed in his room to feed him before putting him down. Normally BC turns off all of the lights upstairs before going downstairs, well when I walked out of Dec's room our bedroom light was on, so as I walked in to turn it off I found my loving husband folding clothes! Something he never does! He had all of the socks and shirts separated and was almost done. I tried really hard not to laugh because it was so sweet of him, but I couldn't hold it in and had to tell him that he had just folded our dirty laundry! He threw his arms up and said "this is why I don't do laundry"! It was such a sweet gesture, but I don't think he'll be touching laundry any time soon:) Oh, BC I love you!


susie.butler said...

You are very fortunate to have BC. He is a great husband and the very best Dad.
Mom and Dad

The Haughs said...

Ha ha. Love it!