Thursday, February 26, 2009

there's those teeth!

I finally got a shot of all his teeth (well it's a little hard to see one of his top sides, but it's there)! He's so goofy when I try to take his picture because he does this silly little side grin, this one isn't too bad, but he reminds me of Popeye when he does it:) And for some big news...he ate a couple pieces of banana this morning! He's moved on to small pieces of toast and muffin (thanks to my brother Rob) and even had a bite of broccoli at dinner last night! We're thinking he's going to skip the "baby food" and move right along to big guy food.


susie.butler said...

G/G can't wait to see those teeth in real time. Chomp, chomp, chomp!!
If he is going to look like Uncle Rob he might as well eat like him.

darcy said...

what a cute smile! It's so nice to see teeth pop up.. makes you happy to know where the fussies, runny nose and sleepless nights are coming from. =/ Adie's got her 2-year molars to get and then we're finished!