Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy birthday Dad!

Happy birthday papa!  Yesterday BC turned a year older:)  We surprised him at work and brought him cupcakes...blue cake and green frosting!  He was super surprised to see us and really happy about the cupcakes as were his coworkers.
 Declan dug in and had two:)
 Really?  How can you be grumpy when there's a cupcake in front of you?
 The boys were excited to give dad the gifts they picked out for him (we went to the dollar store and they picked out whatever they thought he'd like...highlighters, oatmeal creme pies, car fresheners)!!
 BC and I went to Harry and Izzy's for his birthday dinner, the poor guy rarely gets steak at home! 
 After we got home we sang Happy Birthday and with the help of the boys he blew out the candles on his rice krispy treats:)

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