Friday, November 16, 2012

4 yrs + 5 months and 2 yrs + 5 months

Well the two big boo's are getting bigger!  These two big brothers have had a pretty crazy month...since our floors are being redone we have basically moved in with Gram and Grandad (thank you!) and they have made themselves quite comfy in their new house:)  Declan has been studying Native Americans at school and had a Pow Wow yesterday...his Native American name is Running Fire and he was the best little indian ever!  Conall has enjoyed all the outside time he could get, he loves to be outside collecting leaves/sticks, kicking balls and running around.  We love you boo and boo 2, thanks for making us laugh and smile everyday:)
 Running Fire drumming his drum!
 Running Fire and his buddy Running Buffalo (Jack).
 Telling the story of their Totum Pole.
 Climbing the big hill at Fort Ben.
 Conall and Dad, catching a ride down.
 Conall Bear and Dad's big shadow!

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