Thursday, November 1, 2012

Boo x 3!!

 Happy Halloween!  Here's the spooky spider and silly pumpkin face jack-o-lanterns we made this year!  (They're inside because it was too cold to go out and light them and you can see how our floors are all tore up as we are in the process of getting new hardwood floors laid)
 Big props to Dad for carving the spider that we thought would be hard, he's so good!
 Boo, boo, boo!!  Our scary skeleton, grumpy bear and fire fighter!
 Can you tell it was super chilly?!  Don't worry though, many, many treats were collected:)
 Heading to the next house after getting some treats:)  Don't you just love Galvan's little bear feet?
Hope your Halloween was a spooky delight of a night!

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