Saturday, December 20, 2008

2 teeth

This past week has been a tough one, exciting, but tough...Dec's 2nd tooth came in and he did not fare well with the discomfort, then again, neither did we! Today he was much better, but the last couple of nights weren't much fun. We're still unable to get a picture of the 2 little teeth, it's hard to even sneak a peek, but they're there and they sure are cute:) Oh, and he still hasn't taken to eating cereal or avocado...he clamps his little mouth shut and turns his head the other way! I think we'll take a week off while we're visiting family for the holidays and give it another go when we get back.

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The Haughs said...

Have you tried those teething tablets? I have found them at Marsh, and they always helped the babies feel a little better. . . I can't remember exactly what they were called. . . Hope he is feeling better soon. Poor guy!