Friday, December 5, 2008

Yucky cereal!

Since Declan is almost 6 months old we decided to give him his first taste of you can see he was not too happy about it! I tried it myself and have to agree that it is quite yucky:) Maybe he'll do better with bananas and avocado..oh I can't wait to see that mess!!

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Chris and Laura Edgerton said...

Hi Shiloh, thanks for offering to help! I haven't messed with our blog very much yet, so I'm sure I'll have questions. I noticed that you listed "Love Actually" as one of your favorite movies also, and when I told Chris he just rolled his eyes. (It's hard to get him to watch that type of movie with me!) I love the pics of your son eating cereal...too cute! We might let Riley try some cereal next week. She's definitely interested in what we're eating lately.
Laura E.