Monday, December 1, 2008

Declan's Baptisim

Sunday, November 30 was a very special day for us...Declan was baptized at St. Charles Borromeo Church, the church that BC grew up in and where we were married. Declan wore a baptismal gown that has been in the O'Rourke family for more than 100 years, BC was also baptized in this gown! Of course he left his mark on it by slobbering all over it! His godparents are Uncle Kienan and Emily (BC's cousin), we think the 3 of them are a good match:) It was a wonderful day with both of our families celebrating with us.

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~amy said...

Oh my he's SO cute! What a cool name too! Next time you're in the neighborhood, let me know. It would be so fun to get our babes together. Hope you're doing well!