Friday, June 21, 2013

5 years old!

Happy birthday boo!  Wow, 5 years old...I'll never forget the day you were born, June 16 was such a special day, I just can't believe it was 5 years ago.  Declan you are the most amazing little guy, you are so witty and intelligent, so caring and kind, thoughtful and wondering, always questioning and thinking, and so very funny.  You are such a great big brother to C and G.  They love you and look up to you so much, and I know that will grow even more in time.  We love that you are so interested in learning, reading and math, but also love to play soccer, t-ball, swim and ride your bike.  You have the best explanations for things and we love to hear them.  Your memory is amazing, I hope you never forget how much we love you and enjoy you.  Turning 5 is a big milestone, there are so many new things that will happen this year, we know you're ready for all of them and are excited to able to cheer you on through them all.  Being your parents has been the biggest blessing, we love it and always will.  Your smile will get you far in life, but your big heart will carry you the farthest.  We love you boo, happy birthday buddy.

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