Friday, June 21, 2013

3 years old!

Our grumpy bear is 3 years old!  My goodness, you just seem too little to be three, but I know how happy you are to say you're three years old now.  "Me no 2 anymore, me 3 now" you told me the other day:)  Yes, buddy you are and you are going to have an awesome year being 3!  Conall you are the most independent mama's boy I have ever's either "no me do it" or "you do it mama", no matter which way I love it.  Your laugh is the most genuine laugh we have ever heard, you really mean it when you laugh and especially if it's because of something you did that you weren't supposed to do!  I love the way you put your arm around my neck to snuggle when I lay in bed with you, I know one day you'll not want to, but for now I soak it up.  You are one funny little guy too, always adding the word poop onto the end of your sentences:)  I love how you don't walk run or gallop and the way you jump off everything, even if it's only 2 inches high.  When we give you a time out you normally laugh and giggle, which one day I will look back on and laugh too, but for now we have to be stern even if we're cracking up inside too.  You look up to your big brother so much, always doing what he does or saying what he says and you are an awesome big brother too.  At times a little rough, but we know you love him so much and you are so good at making him smile and laugh.  You're stuck in the middle and it's the best place for you.  I hope you always hug us with same love you do now because we'll never stop hugging you with all of our love.  Conall D, you make our world so bright and exciting and we thank you for being our guy.  Boo 2, you rock and we love you!

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